When it came to party favours for our guests that attended my baby girls first birthday party I couldn’t find anything that seemed appropriate for a Bohemian themed party so I had to get creative. I like to pretend I have some creativity when it comes to fashion and even decorating but when it comes to actual DIY things I usually am the dreamer not the doer. Thankfully my hubby is pretty handy so usually I just drag him into my projects but for this one I actually….drum roll please…. did it all by myself and I was happy with the end result.


So I ended coming up with a little candy jar and threw some gold dipped feathers on top to give it that Bohemian feel. I wasn’t sure what candy to fill the jar with and I decided to go with chocolate m&m’s since my kids (and I) love m&ms. To give it that personal feel we took it a step little further and we actually personalized her m&m’s which I loved and am so glad we did! Of course I chose the colours of the candies based on our party colours – blush, white and gold!

So I think this DIY will be self explanatory through the pictures but if not here is the step by step text version.

  1. Go to Michaels (or grocery store) and purchase small canning jars with lids.
  2. Take off all the lids and rims and spray paint them using white spray paint – I used Krylon flat white
  3. Let dry and repeat step 2 again until they are completely white
  4. Purchase gold dipped feathers from local craft store 
  5. Sort feathers into piles of three
  6. Using a hot glue gun, glue the feathers in groups of 3 onto the middle of the jar lid
  7. Add your candy of choice
  8. Enjoy and pass them along to all your guests

















And there you have it! I am not sure you will see a bunch more DIY’s happening over here but we are working on some fun projects to be featured on the blog so stay tuned! Have a great weekend everyone!

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