It is no secret that my best work is not done in the kitchen! If a genie could grant me one wish (and it had to be related to my motherly/wifely duties) I would wish for a chef legit! I just find cooking so challenging but yet its necessary or everyone in my house would starve! Last week my oldest had to take some apple related to school to share with her class…. so naturally this mama was like hmmmm what can I make! No really like what can I make not buy but make. I came up with apple crisp but figured that would probably have already been chosen by one of the other mamas and than I didn’t want mine to have to compete with someone else’s for my daughters sake in case it wasn’t the better of the two. I thought about trying to make an apple pie but the whole crust idea just scared me and I wasn’t about to buy my crust (no judgement to those of you who buy yours) so I came up with apple turnovers. I am laughing as I type this because in my mind I was so impressed with myself but really it was the easiest thing to make (even easier than apple crisp) and really not all that original but I thought at least I would win in my kids eyes and they could help me. So I rolled out my great idea to my daughter at dinner that night and she was like “I like that idea mommy but you can make them while I’m at school.” oh thanks honey she didn’t even want to help me which usually she does but thats ok fear not I still have a little 2 (who thinks she’s much older) year old at home who is more than happy to help with whatever I want (or don’t want) her help with! So with the help of my trusty sou chef (or is it sou baker in this case? I don’t know) we got out all the ingredients and guys (I hang my head as I admit) I totally didn’t make my pastry! Nope sure didn’t! Sure did just go to the grocery store and pick up some good ole Pillsbury dough! (all the other tired mama’s give me a high 5) So without further adu I give you my version of the easiest yet yummy Apple Turnovers. *happy to report none came home from school they all were eaten and enjoyed!*


Pillsbury Dough

Brown Sugar



Fresh Apples (I used Courtland which we picked ourselves – that gets me brownie points right?)



Heat oven to 375F

Roll out the dough into 8 triangles

Than sprinkle, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg onto the dough

Add the sliced apples and roll the triangles up.

Place onto a pan with parchment paper

Cook in oven for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown

Then eat and enjoy

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