With the cooler, cozier (is that even a word?) weather here it makes me want to grab a blanket, a hot cup of tea and curl up with a good book. I enjoy reading. I find it is a way to learn and increase my knowledge and understanding of things. Sometimes it’s an escape, other times its for my own personal growth in an area of my life. It can motivate, encourage, inspire and relax you. With two little people running (well one running one crawling) around the house all day there isn’t much time for me to sit and read, but I try to steal moments in the day when I can. I thought I would share with you a few of the books I have on the go right now.




I am not particular about any specific kind of book although I enjoy reading fiction romance when I want to “escape”. I don’t enjoy horror or anything zombie or alien related, I just don’t find that stuff interesting. I love to read biographies and learn about peoples lives.  Of course I also enjoy reading magazines, they are easier to flip through and the articles are generally short in length so I can get through them before the babies get into any major trouble. So I will share a bit about the books I have on the go right now, but please keep in mind this is NOT a book review.


Jesus Calling



Jesus Calling and Jesus Today are fantastic inspirational spiritual faith based books full of truth. Sarah Young is a gifted writer and takes the truth of the Bible and scripture and interprets it in a short easy way. Each day once I get my babies down for their naps I spend time reading these books and I am always challenged and usually encouraged and motivated to spend more time in The Word.  Jesus Calling is a daily read and is sorted by date. The reading is only a page long and then there are some scripture references at the end to encourage you to read your Bible and they are related to the reading. Jesus Today is a book all about Hope. Hope is such a beautiful thing and the way Sarah uses the truth and promises God has made to encourage us and give us hope when we are facing hard times is truly moving.


5 love languages of children



We all have different love languages and that I am sure no surprise to you as you know each human is very different.  Our children are no different. My babies although they are siblings are alike in some ways and in other ways they are very different.  Although my son is still a baby I started thinking a little while ago how can I understand how to “love” him better even at such a young age. My daughter is 2 so she is a little more vocal but even still she is young enough to not always understand how she is feeling or why.  I am enjoying this book and learning the different ways children love and want to be loved. The authors do a great job in explaining the 5 different languages and give you practical ideas of how to practice the languages with your kids.




If you follow me on Instagram you will remember I posted a picture this summer of this book and a yummy drink on the dock at the cottage. I started it then and still sadly haven’t finished it, but not because it isn’t a good book, simply because of time (remember the two little people that take priority for 12 hours of my day).  #girlboss is Sophia Amoruso’s story of how she started Nasty Gal.  At the age of 17 Sophia dropped out of high school and was living a life of hitchhiking, dumpster diving, and petty thievery. The book shares her struggles and her journey to starting her now $100 million + company. Sophia writes in a very easy to read way. She uses humour and is very frank about her story. She really wants to motivate others and you can sense that in this book.



worship leaders we are not rockstars


Worship Leaders We are Not Rockstars is a new book that my worship pastor gave me last week to read. As a worship leader at my church I feel a huge amount of responsibility when I have the privilege to lead others into a time of worship.  In this book, worship leader and song writer Stephen Miller addresses the issue that we see in churches today of worship leaders not passionately leading worship but rather using it as a prideful pursuit of platform and prominence.  Stephen takes a very gracious and positive approach on how we can correct and hopefully fix this problem.  Instead of attacking worship leaders he sets out to define what a worship leader should look like and to understand their role informed by biblical principles.  Stephen does a great job of giving practical suggestions as to how he thinks the problem can be worked out. So far I am enjoying the book and am finding it to open my mind to thinking about some things in a different way. (which is never a bad thing)

So there are some of the books I have been reading lately. Do you like to read? When do you find time or make time to read? What kind of books do you read and do you have a good book that I should read? I would love to hear from you!!


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