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  • We have been experiencing the most glorious summer like weather (up until a couple days ago) but its on its way back! I am loving it but more importantly so are my babies! They like the sunshine and warm weather like their mama. We have been spending lots of time going to parks, swimming,

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  • I can hardly believe we are coming up on one year in our new home that we built! My Facebook timeline reminded me of this picture I posted one year ago of my daughter peeking in on the progress of our home before we had moved in. With patio season finally here I have been busy pinning,

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  • It’s Friday, Friday!! Time to celebrate it with Starbucks, donuts, chocolate, wine, french fries… one or all of the above! Just kidding… unless you want of course I would never judge! I love any chance to wear a dress and since I live in a (beautiful) province that

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  • Sorry I have been MIA for a few days my blog was having some technically difficulties so I was unable to post but thankfully it has all been fixed! Hard to believe we are already through 2 weeks of the summer! This summer my babies are both so active and so much fun! Each day we try and do

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  • We had a wonderful weekend celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday on Saturday and then Sunday celebrating our favourite guy and grandpa! I think we have finally come off our sugar highs although we are still eating leftover cake and cupcakes but  we all had a great time! This years

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  • I hope you had a great long weekend! We escaped the busyness of home and headed north to the cottage for the weekend and it was the best! My babies love going to the cottage and it is just nice to live a slower pace of life while up there. The weather was really great and the best part was

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  • I am alive! Sorry I’ve been MIA … I have been enjoying soaking up all the family time I can with my babies and my husband. I have tried really hard to just relax and turn off my brain, but lets me honest my brain doesn’t have an off switch although I sure wish it did. We

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  • #tbt my sweet boy turned 6 and I’m in disbelief! I hope you will always be a mama’s boy, I hope people will always describe you as sweet, you feel things deep (like your mama) and yet this year you have become more adventurous and brave and I am so proud of you! I always knew you were special and this year I am starting to learn more about that - you still don’t like change but you continue to be best friends with you’re sisters and always a favorite of the girls in your life! I love you my sweet boy and I so thankful to be your mommy! #happybirthday #toinfinityandbeyond
  • The real mvp of our family! Life is hard right now - not bad just hard - and this guy holds it all together so well! Best dad, loving husband, hard working, loyal and kind! We love you @tspinksy #marriedup
  • Sweet Emersyn Kate how is it possible that you are one already?!? You are such a smiley sweetheart who is very much loved by all of us! We are thankful that you Emmy are apart of our family and I personally am thankful that I will forever be your favorite auntie (yes the Kate is after me so she has very little choice in who she deems her favorite!) but for real happy first birthday sweet girl and we look forward to celebrating you very soon!! 🎈🎉#shesone #firstbirthday
  • “If you've got troubles, I've got 'em too
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
We stick together and can see it through
'Cause you've got a friend in me” 
  • Today we get to celebrate my handsome brother!! Although you will always be my baby bro I look up to you and I am so proud of the man, husband and daddy you’ve become! Life hasn’t been easy but you’ve learned to lean into Him in the hard stuff and you have a love for laughing and having fun that is contagious! You can tell a story like no other and make people believe whatever you want them to! Your tough as nails but you have a soft heart and I pray that never changes! Love you bro and today and everyday I celebrate you and I’m thankful for you!!
  • My oldest and the youngest! Family time is my favorite!

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