If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now you know how much we love to travel even with our children! My kids are really awesome travellers but I believe part of that is because they have been doing it since they were so little. From weekend trips to the cottage to flights a few times a year they love to travel as much as we do. Now I will be honest now that we have 3 it is a bit more challenging that it was with just one or even two. The youngest I took my baby on a flight was at 6 weeks old and I can honestly say I have never had a terrible flight with them but I also come prepared. When I fly with my kids the first thing I always pack is Lysol wipes because those planes are full of germs and no one wants to go on vacation and end up sick or with sick babies. I lysol wipe their (and my) seats done completely before they touch anything. Maybe a little OCD yes, but if it keeps us healthy I’ll never regret doing it! There is the natural things like snacks, books, colouring pads with markers, favourite toy or stuffie. I also like to pack suckers for taking off and landing to help with their ears. We put new apps/games on their iPads and we just downloaded the movie Trolls so pretty much they will be watching that non stop the entire flight I’m sure.  I also bring a change of clothes because you just never know when you’ll need them as well as their favourite blanket (and soother for baby). I have also pick up a few new little toys and I wrapped them to add to the excitement for them to open on the flight. Thankfully they will nap since its a lengthy flight so I count on those glorious naps to pass some of the flight! To be completely honest kids are unpredictable everyone or at least every parent knows that so I come prepared with things to try and keep them amused but you as a mom just have to stay calm and be flexible cause you really don’t know what each flight will bring!!


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  • Sometimes being an adult you gotta do scary things like getting a bunch of bloodwork and other tests done in order to get answers that are needed but like I shared earlier this week it’s all about your mindset. Yes I was sweating and shaking with nerves wishing I didn’t have to do it but I also was thankful that I have a dr who cares and wants answers, thankful for that these tests are available to me and especially thankful for a gentle and kind nurse who made it easier for me.
  • Woke up to the most beautiful white snow and was immediately thankful it was snow and not the rain they are calling for - thankful that the kiddies have snow to play in (which makes them so happy) and thankful that we have different seasons to experience. It’s amazing how a grateful heart changes your out look on things. There is a lot I could chose to complain about today but where I put my thoughts is my choice and will definitely effects my  entire day! Look for the positives in your day focus on those and don’t give negative thoughts a place in your heart and mind!
  • Mama, You were given these children, you! No one else. 
You were given these children because you are who they need.
You have the soul to love them even on their hard days.
You have the motivation and love to give these children everything they need.
You have the heart to wake up every morning and do it all over again, 
Even when you are exhausted. You have the smile that they crave and the touch to make everything okay. You are their sunshine and their comfort. You are theirs and they are yours! On the days you are questioning yourself, remember this! You’ve got this!
  • If you missed it we have a family update up on the blog! www.katiespinks.com
  • After 13 days together this guys Christmas holidays came to an end and I’m not the only one sad about it... little people keep asking “how many more minutes till daddy gets home?” Thankful for how hard he works but safe to say @tspinksy your people miss you!
  • 2018 you were the year of crazy adventure from moving to a new city, saying yes to another foster baby, a new school, new relationships - A year of change and challenge but we are ending the year full of excitement for 2019 and thankful for all that 2018 taught us!

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