To keep with my “thankful for posts” today I want to share a bit about my friends. It is true you don’t choose your family but you do your friends and I would say I have chosen some of the best friends – I would consider them family. To have a friend you must be a friend and I think that is so true. The best friendships in my life are the ones that go both ways. The ones where my friends make time for me, they have stuck it out when times have gotten tough and have loved me when I have been maybe a little less loveable. I hate to point out my friends by name simply because there are really too many to write about but I have to highlight a couple people who have helped me get where I am today including the creation of this blog.

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Julie is my soul sister, my sister from another mister, my best “frand”. Her and I get together every week early one morning to grab coffee, talk about our week and just pray together. Its hard to say what I love most about Julie other than to say she has a heart of gold (and you know I love gold). She speaks my love language like none else I know. She is always there for me even when I corner her at church just needing a hug and a shoulder to cry on. She is the perfect hostess and always has some fabulous diy project on the go at her gorgeous home. My favourite thing about my time with Julie is the conversation is never dry or lacking in authenticity and genuine love and care. I love doing life with Jules. I say that she is the friend I prayed my whole life for. She is a loving and giving wife and mom and I have learn’t so much from her. She loves my babies and spoils them with snuggles and special things often! (They love their Auntie Julie) My life is richly blessed because of this beautiful woman!



(here is my sweet Jules loving on my baby boy)

Then I have my mommy friends. My girl friends who are at the same stage of life as me. Friends who get together for play dates and we can talk baby problems or dish about the latest bachelor/bachelorette episode. Life is fun when we do it together with like minded people and my beautiful friends are not only beautiful inside but outside as well. I love spending time with each of my girls wether its grabbing coffee or going for a walk to the park with our babies.  I love each of you deeply and am so thankful to have you in my lives.


Then I have my close girlfriends. The ones that know me for all my quarks and flaws and still love me none the less. They have stood with me through some dark times and laughed with me in the fun times. One doesn’t even live in the same province as me and yet when I talk to her we pick up right where we left off. Each of you have blessed, stretched, challenged and encouraged me at different points in my life and I want to say thank you. The thing with friendship is you know who your true friends are because when life is tough they pull up a chair instead of walking away and I am so blessed and thankful to say I have a few of these kind of friends in my life. I pray that my friends say I am that kind of friend.  As girls so often we are catty about things, we tend to gossip and tear each other down far too often. We should celebrate our differences and encourage each other in whatever ways we can.


friendship quote 3


To each of my friends old and new thank you for being you! My life wouldn’t be the same without you. Each one of you will never be forgotten. I love you all!




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