Often times in life when hard times come or things happen that seem so hard to understand I wonder how people get through them without faith. I am so thankful to have a relationship with Jesus and for my faith in Him. I would not say I am a religious person. I am a person full of flaws and yet I am loved by the Creator of the universe. I don’t do religion I do relationships and I am blown away daily at the reminder that He loves me and accepts me just as I am. I am so thankful that I don’t have to walk this journey on earth alone. Life is hard, sometimes things happen and it feels almost unbearable to go on and yet when I remind myself that this is not my final home, I some how find the strength to go on because this isn’t the end for me. Jesus has been so good to me and has blessed me beyond measure but that doesn’t mean my life has been easy because it certainly hasn’t. He has been teaching me to praise Him even in the hard times. The hard times are just an opportunity for me to lean on Him and what a gift that has been to be able to do that.

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I also am blessed with an incredible church and church family. A pastor and staff that love Jesus and want to love others because of what Jesus has done for them. A church where the Word is spoken and lives are changed because of it. A church that invests into the next generation and has a heart to serve our community and others.  If you are local and are looking for a great church, I would love to have you join me on Sunday at mine.

I don’t know where I would be without my faith but I know it wouldn’t be a good place.  I don’t know what the rest of my life holds or what it will look like but I don’t have to know or worry about it because I know no matter what happens I can overcome it all with His help and strength. He has my life mapped out and He has promised to work all things out for good to those that love Him. He promises hope and a future. I just take each day with a thankful heart and praise Him in all circumstances.



I am so thankful that my sweet grandma had her faith in Jesus as well. 6 years ago today cancer sucked the life out of my grandma here on earth and as heartbreaking and sad as I was (am) I know she is in a far better place. She is pain free dancing with Jesus and I couldn’t wish her back from that. It is not goodbye because I know one day I will see her again and I pray my babies will get to finally meet her. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I posted this special picture I took of my babies this past weekend with my grandmas head stone. I tell my babies about my brave, sweet grandma and oh how I wish she could have met them. One of the last days my grandma was living she told me in her frail, fragile state that she wanted me to have a baby and that she knew it would be a boy. As I look at my sweet baby boy in this picture it brings tears to my eyes to think that exactly 5 years, 1 month and 2 days later my baby boy would arrive. See with Jesus beauty comes from ashes.




  • Mary-Beth Kee says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully written.

    • Michelle moulder says:

      This is beautiful keep your faith xx this as truly touched my heart . My son is 8 years old and survived blood cancer twice he is my hero I truly believe in faith and hope my life as completely changed and I have many friends but in my time of need I found god I could write a essay on my experiences in finding faith x lots of love to you keep sting you truly are inspiringxxxx

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