Only 5 days left till Valentines Day! Have you already got your “valentine” something special? If you are in a relationship like mine one of you started to think, plan, shop and buy you’re significant other a Valentines gift after Christmas, while the other one hasn’t even really thought about it yet. I won’t say who is who in my relationship but since you know I like to shop I guess it is probably easy for you to figure it out! The beautiful thing is we compliment each other this way and I learned quickly in our relationship that buying gifts and thinking and planning what to buy me is not his love language and that is ok! Now don’t go thinking that I pick out all my gifts for Christmas/birthdays/valentines/anniversary because I most definitely don’t! I usually give him some ideas but he does the rest and he does a great job, I mean did you see my birthday gift?? If you didn’t, jump onto my IG and check it out! When it comes to shopping for my love it is pretty easy since he is a really easy going guy. My problem is usually what not to buy him lol. I have come up with a list of things that I think would make a great gift for your man this valentines. (I even asked my husband on a couple things to make sure I wasn’t picking too girly of items so these are husband approved).





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Now hopefully if you haven’t been able to get something for the special guy in your life this list gave you some great ideas! I hope your week is off to a great start and that you are making the most out of this Monday!

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