July 22 already! This summer is going so quickly! Do you want the good or the bad news? Always the good right? It’s Wednesday that means its almost the weekend! I mean it totally depends how you look at it but I like to think that Wednesday means closer to the weekend then from the weekend! I hope you’ve had a great week. We have been loving the weather (finally) but we have been so busy the days are flying bye and I feel like I don’t have a second to sit down and just think!


sleeping mask

 Sleeping Mask

Lately I have been having such sleepless nights which is extremely frustrating since my babies sleep through the night and then they wake up so full of energy and fully rested and mommy is the opposite. I am a night owl to begin with so I enjoy staying up late to begin with and lately I finally feel tired around midnight and usually can fall asleep fairly quickly (obviously not as fast as my hubby does) but the deep sleep lasts maybe 2 hours and then I wake up and I am having vivid unpleasant dreams so nevertheless I am waking up not rested in the morning which is no fun! So I have been looking for ways to clear my mind and “exhaust” myself in hopes of sleeping better! Here are some of the things I have been trying.

journal and pen

I seem to have a lot on my mind these days (more on that soon) and sine I can’t turn my mind off (wish I could) I need to dump my thoughts. So I have found journalling very helpful to write out my thoughts how I am feeling and even notes of things I need/want to accomplish the next day so I don’t forget. Laying in bed stressing about not forgetting to do something the next day is the worst so having a journal beside my bed with a pen is a great way to empty my thoughts before going to sleep.

Exercise is also a great way of clearing your mind and also the endorphins that your body will produce from the physical exercise will help you be able to calm down and settle before bed easier. Doesn’t have to be a super high intensity work out but a nice run outside or even an at home 20 min work out will get the blood pumping and will help you feel better.

bath time

A relaxing bath with some bubbles or epsom salt can be a great way to unwind. Not only is hot water immensely soothing but it can help you feel like you are washing off any negative energy or emotions from the day.


ipod and headphones

Listening to relaxing music can be soothing and can also encourage you if you are feeling negative or sad. Also I know some people say not to watch tv before bed but for me I find watching something light and not scary or dark before bed helps distract me from my thoughts and helps me unwind before bed.


lemon tea

Tea is also great before bed. Trying a lemon tea before bed is a great way to enhance sleep, reduce stress and relieve anxiety.


praying hands

The last thing I do every night before I shut my eyes (and even when I wake up in the night and can’t sleep) is pray. For me prayer is just talking to my best friend sharing with Him what on my mind and heart. The beautiful thing is I can talk to him even when I’m tired and my thoughts aren’t making sense because He already knows what I am thinking and feeling.


So how do you unwind and relax? Do you have any tips I should try to help me sleep better? Have a great day bellas!




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