I hope you had a great weekend! Are you like me and your weekends seem to fly bye?! We had a great weekend it was full of love, family, friends, good food and great memories where made! It was busy but thats life these days! If you follow me on IG you would have saw a picture from our (my husband and mine) 30th Birthday Party on Saturday night and since some of you asked for more pictures and since I promised a recap here you go!


Let me start off by saying for so long I was dreading turning 30! Something about it made me think I would be so old yet so far I haven’t felt any different than I did when I was 29. I think a lot of it is not so much about the number as it is about your mind set. I feel young and there for I believe I am young even if my age number says different! But since I love to celebrate birthdays and I enjoy being with my family and friends…. and I love a good party I thought turning 30 deserves a little party! But with my birthday being in February and my husbands in March (yes I am older than him by a whole month and 19 days) it made most sense to do a combined party. So I picked out a cute yet fun and eligent invitation that I thought represented us well and had them made and sent to our closest friends and family! We decided to have the dinner at one of our favourite local restaurants the Cambridge Mill  which is not only a gorgeous restaurant but serves delicious food. We thought how fun would it be to have our closest friends all together sans babies and kiddies and just sipping wine, eating yummy food and enjoying each others company? And we were right it was an absolutely awesome night! I took some pictures to give you a taste of our night! (Disclaimer: Sorry for the quality of pictures – the lighting was terrible and I am not a great photographer but working on that. If any of your are photographers or know of a great one please pass the info along I would love to be in touch)




Clutch Shoes Earrings

birthday dinner

In the car selfie on our way to the restaurant


caesar salad

I had to start with the Cesar Salad because it is so delicious with mini quail eggs included


For my entree I choose the Grilled Salmon on Roasted Fennel Risotto with Citrus Vinaigrette and it was delicious.


My hubby naturally chose Top Sirloin with Blue Cheese Compound Butter,  potato gratin with leaks and brie and brussels sprouts and he ate it all so that speaks for itself.


Our wonderful waitress surprised us with cake and our friends and family serenaded us with “Happy Birthday”

chocolate cake

Chocolate Pate with mint sauce and caramelized white chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Wishing I could have another piece right now!


Our amazing family and friends!

birthday boy

My best friend, handsome date, love of my life and he is also the birthday boy!


My Jules!



A huge THANK YOU to our friends and family for making the time to come and celebrate with us. Especially to my sissy who drove over 2 hours to be with us and helped me get ready! She worked her magic on my mane and made my hair look gorgeous! We feel so blessed to truly have the best friends and there is no one else we would have wanted to celebrate this milestone with then you guys! We love each one of you!

To those of you who are still reading – Thank you! I hope you have a great day!

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  • Long weekend spent doing errands and packing - sore throat, full ears and a headache making this girl frustrated - sleep they say!?! And I say I wish but when your a mama to 4 and moving in just days sleep will have to wait! Thankful for medicine, @starbuckscanada and the fact we get to move to our new house so soon! Perspective changes everything - can’t change how I feel but I can change my focus!
  • Cold wet morning and early specialist appointment where they told me I had to wear loose fitting clothes- track suit it is! #monday #letsdothis
  • The privilege and blessing it is to be their mommy is one I don’t take for granted ever. They were each worth the years of heartache. Today is always an emotional one for me so today I say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the moms - the first time moms, the seasoned ones, the mommy’s in waiting, the hurting ones, the grieving one wether that be from the loss of a mom or a loss of a baby/child, to the foster mamas, to the bonus moms to the adoptive mommy’s and the birth moms - I am thinking of you today and I hope you feel love and valued because you are!
  • As a mommy I find myself often times so proud to be the mommy of my little people. I remember being proud when they slept through the night or took their first steps. The older they get the more proud I am of them not necessarily when they simply accomplish a task or master a skill but when they make choices that show their true character. This girl had another gymnastics competition today and she was feeling all kinds of nerves but as she told her brother and sister “I just went out there and did it” and that she did. I was so proud of her not just for being brave or not just because she put lots of work into learning her skills and ended up placing in each event she competed in but because my 6 year old was awarded the sportsmanship trophy for the ages 7-9 in the competition. That to me as her mama made me cry and beam with pride. My girl out there with a positive attitude encouraging the other athletes and competing in a kind and fair manner that’s what it’s all about to this mama. I can take no credit for her awards or her trophy today she earned them all but I sure am proud and not afraid to say it. I love you #graylynnhope and I’m proud to be your mama not just today but everyday!
  • Easter behind us (already) May is coming and dare I say summer is on its way... I’m pretty sure end of school will be here literally before I know it and I’m ok with that but lots of exciting things in store for the next little while and these little people make it all worth it.
  • Monday’s mantra! (And everyday) If we all where a little kinder think how different the world would be! Kindness always wins!

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