Where as this week gone! I feel like there is just not enough hours in the day lately to accomplish all I need to get done! This is definitely a very busy season of life for me but I wouldn’t change it for the world although I wouldn’t complain if I could get a bit more rest! I wasn’t sure if I should post about this new trending fashion cause honestly I am not a huge fan of it but after a conversation with a friend I decided I should. My friend shares my feelings towards the whole 70’s fashion that is trending right now but she wants to be fashion forward as well so she asked my opinion. I was flattered she wanted my advice on the subject since I had just been thinking lately how I can incorporate this trending fashion without loosing my personal style. Since I don’t really like the whole wide leg, high waisted, hippy style clothing I had to find parts of the 70’s fashion that I do like. I like the fringe (in moderation), I like the whole culottes thing and I don’t mind a good platform shoe. I think the key with purchasing fashion forward pieces is not to spend a lot on them since they are trending pieces they most likely won’t be in style for very long so spend your money on things that are staple pieces. There are ways to incorporate pieces of the 70’s fashion into your daily wardrobe and still dress comfortably. I always say comfort is key. You must feel good in what you wear, if you don’t it will be obvious and you won’t be confident! Nothing is sexier than a girl who is confident in her own skin and clothes! Here are a few pieces that you could add to your wardrobe that are fashion forward!





Blush Bag Culottes  JumpSuit   Wide Leg Jeans Skirt   Black Shoes Necklace Brown Bag Sunglasses 

I also think that even if you don’t like to be super trendy it is always good to try new things and experiment with new pieces of clothes and accessories. You never know how much you might really like something till you try it! Take a risk – it could pay off! I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are doing! I will be celebrating my husbands big 30 this weekend! So excited to celebrate him! Cheers!

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