A New Year

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Happy New Year! I can hardly believe Christmas is over and we are already in 2016! We had an amazing Christmas but it went bye too quickly! Isn’t that how it always is? We were able to celebrate with both sides of our family and enjoyed a little vacation up at our cottage where we all enjoyed being with family and having daddy home! There are many times where I wish I could freeze time and this past 10 days is one of those times! Building a snowman, going swimming, eating lots of yummy food, fires and games in a snow covered cottage with the ones we love! It was perfect! 2015 was a exciting year for our family! First of all we moved into our new house that we built and if that wasn’t exciting enough we welcomed our new baby sissy in July! God truly was too good to us and we are basking in the blessing of both our beautiful home and our sweet baby girl who is loved and adored by not only mommy and daddy but her big sissy and brother too! 2015 wasn’t without its pain or struggle but we feel so blessed to have received the blessings we did. I have no idea what 2016 will hold and in some ways the unknown is exciting and some ways its scary!


Last year I made a Christmas ball with our family’s name on it and in it my husband and I (along with my siblings with their spouses in their own Christmas ball) wrote 3 goals for the next year and any dreams we had personally or for our family. Last week we got them out again and read them and even shared them and it was so encouraging to see how many of those goals we achieved and even some of our dreams as well! We are doing the same again this year and I am already looking forward to seeing how we complete and achieve them again this year! I don’t really do “new years resolutions” to be honest I would rather just be real with myself and set some realistic goals that I can work towards through the next year! But goals aren’t everything you need to allow yourself to dream. For myself I love to dream but a lot of times I allow those dreams to stay there and just be dreams because I am scared of failing but by making my dreams into smaller achievable goals I find I am more determined and try harder to complete those goals and all of a sudden my dreams seem achievable! Dreams for my self for my blog, for my little family ect. I am setting some goals for myself in the area of health, making more time for “me” (and not feeling guilty for it), more blogging, being more present with my family (not always multitasking when I’m with them). Do you make any “new years resolutions” or goals for the new year? Whatever the new year holds I’ll be walking hand in hand with my gang through it!


  • Marilyn Jones
    January 7, 2016

    Love this! I appreciate your honesty. Your love is seeping out of your blog. It makes me feel so happy for you and your family. How is your dad right now? Are his treatments completed?
    Much love,,

  • Emily
    January 9, 2016

    I just love your “family dream Christmas ball” idea! What a beautiful tradition. Now to remember that for next year!

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