Merry Christmas Eve! Hard to believe that it is already Christmas Eve! This year Christmas snuck up on us very quickly and the fact that we sadly have no snow making for a very green Christmas it doesn’t feel all that festive outside! I have loved celebrating Christmas and Jesus birth since I was little but now having my own littles to celebrate with I have a completely new appreciation for Christmas! I am so excited for them to wake up tomorrow and to get all of our celebrating started! Well I guess technically we start tonight by attending our church’s Christmas Eve service and let me extend to you a welcome if you are in the area! I will be leading worship at both the 5pm and 7pm services and would love to see you there! Than after the services we will open a gift from Santa and the babies will head to bed and hopefully sleep the night away and wake up to find all Santa has left them!

I had fun playing with my tablescape for our Christmas Dinner the other day and I thought I would share with you what I decided on doing for my table. Since my babies are still little I am leaving the fine china out and keeping is simple yet pretty (in my opinion). I have so much fun putting the pieces together and I like the finale product. Let me know what you think!



I am not artistic at all by a long shot but I had fun pretending to be by making my table runner! I added simple gold, white and silver accents. The chargers and napkins each alternate colour from gold to silver. The white snow flakes are made of wood and are the cutest accent. I added the white candles and some larger gold sparkly snowflakes as well.















From my family to yours I truly hope you have a very Merry Christmas and take time to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with your family and loved ones! Be safe and Enjoy!



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  • You my girl are going to do great things - you already are! This girl never ceases to amaze me and make me proud to be her mama! Her teacher asked to speak to us yesterday - we had no idea why -  her teacher started to share with us  about how kind Gray is and how proud she is of Gray. There is a student in their class that has special needs and Gray has taken such good care of of this little boy since the beginning of the year - she plays with him at recess and make sure he is always included. Her teacher was so impressed by how kind and loving Gray is and of course I wasn’t surprised but The tears did fall as I looked at my girl beaming with  pride. You see this sweet girl has an ability to see people for who they are on the inside. She has been talking about this little boy for the past month and a half when she shares about her day and I had no idea he had special needs or that he was any different than she was cause she doesn’t see him that way she sees him as an equal. How different this world would be if we all treated each other as equal and shared love and kindness with each other!
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall...
It doesn’t matter if I’m short or tall...
If I have skinny legs or my hips are wide...
It only matters who I am inside...
Blue eyes, brown eyes, black or green...
What makes me most beautiful can not be seen...
When you look at me, don’t judge me by my parts...
The most beautiful about me is my heart  #myhomesense
  • Happy Thanksgiving! I hope however you’ve celebrated whether today or this weekend you spent it verbalizing to the ones you love how thankful you are for them! It would be silly of me to try and tag the ones I’m thankful for but I truly feel blessed and I hope those of you know who you are!
  • Fear: feeling induced by perceived danger, a response to a specific stimulus occurring in the present, or in anticipation or expectation of a future. Fear of heartbreak? Fear of the diagnosis? Fear of abandonment? Fear of judgment? Fear of peoples perception of you? Fear of your bank account number? Fear is everywhere and I for one struggle with it! I find music to be a powerful tool in my life and these lyrics have been repeatedly playing over in my head this past week- I wake up singing them I sing them all day long and yet they aren’t just lyrics they are a declaration of truth that I am holding onto “There is no fear and no shame
Your love won't rise above
Every failure sealed within Your grave
For love has overcome”
  • Canadian Thanksgiving is days away and as much as this dreary rain would love to drag me down I can’t help but feel so grateful for so many things in my life! I have started keeping a running list of things throughout my day that I am thankful for like not just the obvious big things but the little ones too like a hot cup of coffee and a warm fuzzy blanket - do you know what that does for my thought process when I focus on all I do have to be thankful for!! What are you thankful for today?
  • Kissing another weekend goodbye but it was a good one! Anyone else wondering  where September went and how is it October tomorrow already!? Exciting things are happening in October so I’m not complaining but I feel like I blinked and September was over!

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