a condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.

So according to the dictionaries description of what sleep is… I will go on record and say its been over 6 years since I have had a consistent amount of sleep at night. Being a mom one of the first things you learn is that sleep is deprived and that you are capable of accomplishing a lot of things on little to non sleep! Thankfully my first two where what I would say good sleepers. I mean neither one slept entirely through the night till they were almost one but we never had to get up more than a couple times a night with them even when they were teething. Than came our baby girl! She came home from the hospital sleeping through the night and every morning I woke up I would roll over and say to my hubby “this is too good to be true”. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Did I really have a baby who was going to sleep through the night right from day one?! Well friends, mama always knows right! and sadly we hit week 6 of the “honeymoon” phase and the sleepless nights began and let me tell you she made up for the 6 weeks she slept through! She isn’t my first new born she isn’t even my third and somehow she had me stumped I couldn’t figure it out! I humbly took her to the paediatrician to make sure everything was fine, I talked to a sleep coach, I read lots and lots of books but nothing would help! It was considered a good night if I was up 5 or less times! Thankfully there was never a night that I didn’t get some sleep but there were plenty of nights where my sleep consisted of 20 minute intervals and when you have to wake up and deal with 2 busy toddlers in the morning it makes functioning day after day like that difficult! I feel like it was more mentally exhausting for me than physically! Mama guilt set in and I knew I needed to do something to help my baby sleep for her sake and for mine! I started seeing other bloggers and mamas talking and posting about this new product called a DockATot and I was so intrigued. I started reading up about it and I knew I had to give it a try! My order was delivered in just a couple days and I was so excited to try it out and really put it to the test! I will admit I was skeptical. I had already tried so many things and nothing worked so I wasn’t too sure how this little dock would….but…. IT DID! She now successfully sleeps through the night and this mommy is over the moon happy! I am just disappointed I didn’t discover it sooner! One of the best parts about the DockATot is that it is portable! We have been able to take it when we are travelling and it fits perfectly into a pack and play! Baby girl has no problem sleeping anywhere now! I know some of you mama’s are now dying to try one of these amazing Docks and because I love mine so much I want one of you to have one as well so…. I AM GIVING ONE AWAY! One lucky winner will receive one DockATot Deluxe Dock in Pristine White. As you will notice from my photos I have two covers. I love the pristine white and it washes really nicely but I also chose the Dream Weaver cover for laundry days and I love how easy the covers are to change.  For a chance to win your own DockAtot enter below!







Dockatot Giveaway

*Thanks to everyone who entered the winner has been contact and has received her DockATot*

*This post was sponsored by DockATot but all opinions are my own*

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  • Gabby anderson says:

    Wish me luck due October with second baby and I would love one of these! Thanks for hosting I like your blog.

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  • Growing up as a white girl in an all white family I know what privilege is. I knew racism still existed but sadly I never allowed it to really impact me or become educated on it - I never chose to speak out on it even though I thought it was wrong. Than I adopted 3 sweet mixed babies and through my involvement with foster care I quickly realized I can’t sit silently I need to do more. Not only for my babies but for every single person of color. It breaks my heart, the fact that black people are treated much less thought of less than white. The labels and stereotypes I hear people talk about make me sick to my stomach. To think my babies birth parents could be any less valueable, important and deserve less love than someone with white skin - it just wrong! Yes the black deserve to be celebrated and honoured for their cultural differences and they are just as equally important, valuable, worthy of love as any white person! To all those of the black community I am sorry! I really have no other words than I’m sorry and I promise to do better and to raise my kids to know that no matter someone’s skin color we all deserve to be loved and shown kindness always! #georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter
  • Life has felt heavy these past couple weeks - so much pain, brokenness, death, people hurting and for this emotional girl who feels all the things it’s been too much so I’ve been just leaning into Jesus and soaking up all the love and snuggles with my fam jam! I’m so thankful that Jesus feels all the feels right with us and that we have a hope that is far greater than the pain of this world! *don’t be jealous of my paw patrol ice pack that my daughter let me borrow*
  • Birth MOM
Foster MOM
Adoptive MOM
In waiting MOM
Step MOM
Bonus MOM
Grieving MOM
Single MOM 
To ALL moms out there I pray that today you feel loved, valued and celebrated! Motherhood is the hardest yet greatest journey and I don’t take my little people for granted! To those of you who find today extremely difficult I see you, I feel you - I truly do and I pray an extra measure of grace and love be poured on you today! #happymothersday
  • As someone who suffers in pain daily thanks to an auto immune disease I am no stranger to pain- from physical pain to the emotional pain of infertility and failed adoption,  loss of loved ones and broken relationships pain has always been apart of my life and I’m sure it has been for you too. We live in a society that associates pain as a negative thing as something we should fear but I’ve been trying to shift my perspective lately and thinking about the fact that pain is a privilege. Pain can be used for good in our lives if we allow it to be. What happens when we view pain as a privilege? I believe if we allow ourselves to profit from the pain we will no longer suffer in waste but we will develop self growth and discover the purpose to our pain. #justmytwocents #thursdaythoughts
  • A lot of things have changed since last Easter but the reason we celebrate hasn’t!  I’m so thankful that Jesus turns #gravesintogardens #heisrisen
  • Gratitude is a powerful thing... I was thinking of those who lived through the holocaust today and I was instantly so thankful that we get to chose to stay home and be safe that we can still go in our car for drives for a change of scenery that even though we are living in quarantine away from people we are not in hiding we aren’t scared for our lives and we are healthy!! #covid19 #gratitudeattitude

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