Happy New Year! 2019 a new year, new opportunities and possibilities! Are you excited? I’m going to write a blog post soon (when I get a chance) on what my word is for 2019 and I’m excited cause I think some of you will really like it! Do you remember this movie post we did last year? Well we thought it might be fun to do another one this year and share what we will be up to as a family in 2019…. can you guess what it is?

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  • Dianne says:

    Precious family. You mentioned a baby, are you foster parents or adopting again? Another move sounds so familiar. We moved 7 times in 12 years once upon a time. Finally settling back in our home town of NC. Would love to know all the whys of your move and anything you wish to share. I have followed you for years.

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  • It’s Friday!! Did this feel like a long week for anyone else? Got a hot coffee in hand he has his ball and I’m going to try and get some stuff done and hope he doesn’t make more work for me in the process! Anyone going to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard this weekend?
  • Fall is here (although they are calling for summer temps later this week 😏) so I’m trading in my neon colors for some earth tones. Easy outfit for chasing the baby who is always on the move and looking appropriate for appointments today! Who wants to see what’s in my diaper bag?
  • We survived the first week back at school and new beginnings around here and it seems that summer really did end even summer weather but I’m not complaining about it cause I’m all for the cozy chunky sweaters... anyone else?
  • They were ready... I was not but I’m proud of them and praying they have the best year yet! Ready or not grade 2, 1 and my baby is off to JK... #timeflies #solongsummer #backtoschool
  • One week left... where did the summer go? Despite her face she is actually excited to start kindergarten! I’m excited for her and sad at the same time ... officially all my babies in school I remember thinking this day was so far off and now I feel like it’s going way too fast!
  • A weekend spent at their favorite place (the beach) with our favorite people is a weekend well spent and we wish it didn’t have to end! #summertime #beachbabes

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