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Thank you to #playtexbaby for sponsoring this post. As always the opinions are my own.

Food! For some it is a love language, others it’s a passion or a hobby but we all can agree that no one or no thing can live or be sustained without food. If you are a mom, even if you’re not but you are on any form of social media, you would be aware of the debate around #breastisbest. It doesn’t really matter (in my opinion) which side of the fence you’re one I think we can all agree that fed is best

Since my journey to motherhood didn’t happen as most do, breastfeeding wasn’t really an option for me. (Yes I know I could have taken hormones and attempted to try it but the success rate doing that is so low I didn’t see the need to try when I was perfectly comfortable with formula and bottle feeding). So, naturally formula and bottles would be the avenue in which my babies were nourished and fed and what an important job that is! My oldest struggled to gain weight, so, feeding was very important when it came to her. I wanted to make it as easy as possible, so, finding the right tools to use to make feeding an enjoyable process as well as a success was important to me as her mommy! Naturally when you are shopping around for baby things you (if you are like me) do your research but you typically stick to the bigger, well known, tried and true, brands and for me PlaytexBaby was one of those brands.

If you’re not new around here you will probably remember back to last year when I had the opportunity to try out the PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners and my baby girl loved it (to read that post and see how little my baby girl was just a year ago click here). I was once again so impressed with PlaytexBaby and what they were doing to help moms and babies with bottle feeding… but move on over bottles because there is a new and improved bottle in town and we are loving it! One of the perks of being a #PlaytexMom and working on the #forbetterbeginnings campaign is that I get the opportunity to try their new products out and the Playtex® VentAire™ Bottle are amazing! I will be honest I wasn’t sure how my baby girl was going to take to trying a new bottle especially at her age since she is used to the one she’s been using and taking for so long now so I crossed my fingers and hoped that if nothing else she liked the fact that the bottle was pink. I filled it up, picked her up and told my husband ok quick take a picture in case she doesn’t like it I don’t want to miss her reaction and well, the pictures don’t lie folks, she loved it. In fact she pushed my hand away and was quite happy to feed it to herself. Now that is what every mommy’s heart wants to feel when they are feeding their baby – pure contentment. The Playtex® VentAire™ Bottles are BPA Free, they help reduce colic (YEAH!!!), the venting system helps with preventing gas, spit up and fussiness. (And all the mamas say “Hallelujah” while turning their cars on to go to the nearest store to pick one up). They not only come in 6 oz and 9 oz but they are DISHWASHER SAFE! Of course PlaytexBaby is making life easier for mommies everywhere and of course because some of us like things that are aesthetically pleasing these bottles are available in white, pink and blue! So really since a picture is worth a thousand words don’t trust my words on how amazing these bottles are … look at my super duper (no I’m not biased) cute baby girls face and see how much she loves them!








Mamas to make your life easier and save you a trip out you can purchase the Playtex® VentAire™ Bottle right here and have them delivered to your doorstep – you’re welcome!   You can also find these bottles at Babies”R”UsWalmartAmazon.ca and PlaytexBaby.ca


  • Kait
    March 4, 2017

    What a cutie! Great post mama.

  • Cara
    March 8, 2017

    I love seeing posts like this! I had always very much so been an advocate for breast feeding, Although breast milk is optimal for a baby`s growth and developmental needs, when it isn`t cutting it, being fed is what really matters. Through my own experiences I quickly learned that not everyone’s situations allow for it. FED IS BEST. I struggled for months with breastfeeding my daughter because I was so obsessed with her being exclusively breastfed, She was malnourished, under weight and essentially starving. I finally realized that what she needed was to EAT! When we started supplementing she became a completely different, healthier, happier baby because she was FINALLY FULL! Now she is exclusively fed formula as my supply has completely vanished and the only regret I have is that I did not try it sooner! I am so sick of the mom shaming and judgement around how we feed and parent our children. What works for one mother/family won’t work for the other. Everyone’s situation is unique and no one has the right to make anyone feel that they are any less of a parent because of how they choose to nourish their child! Great post mama! xo

    • Katie Spinks
      March 15, 2017

      thanks for sharing mama! you are such a gem and Veda is lucky to have you!! Motherhood is such a journey of discovering yourself and thinking you never thought you would do you find yourself doing or changing your mind on things you thought you knew how to do or handle!! You’re killing it!!

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