How is Monday already here again! I feel like the past few days have been a blur. I came down with some sort of nasty illness that had me literally stuck in bed and had my sweet hubby playing Mr. Mom and taking care of me as well as our babies. I am happy to say I think (fingers crossed) I am on the mend. I am glad I was the one sick and not my babies but man I don’t have time to be stuck in bed and I am left questioning why I live in a place were we experience climate changes that spread germs like crazy. (Just kidding Canada I love you – just wishing winter was shorter). I am thankful though for my sweet husband, for medicine, sprite, popsicles and my bed.  I don’t remember the last time I got as much asleep as I did these last couple days – I felt like a teenager again.

With the New Year here many people have decided to jump onto the “get fit” bandwagon.  Why not, really! Being fit is not only good for your physical body but its great for you mind as well. I am one of those people who wants to be a fitness buff but I struggle with the motivation. (just being real here) Unfortunately I don’t have the metabolism of my sister in law (Hi Rach) nor am I a fitness queen like my friend Britt. I am one of this people that see myself in the mirror and say “ok self tomorrow you are gonna work out” and then tomorrow comes and I don’t have time, don’t have the energy, don’t have (you fill in the blank) and therefore it doesn’t happen. Once I get into the groove of working out I stick to it but once you get out of that groove its hard to get back in. For me having something fun to wear helps me get motivated. (whatever it takes I suppose) So today is the day I will work out and start making strides to get into a fitness routine again not only to be healthy but so I can keep up with my busy babies. Lets face it I am getting old (lets not talk about my impending birthday) and my body isn’t getting any younger. So here are some of my favourite work out gear pieces right now:


fitness 101


Wild Tank  Lets Get Visible Hoodie  Run Times Shorts  No Show Run Sock Speed Tights   Antigua Extend Tights  Go Long Crew Shirt  Nike Air Pegasus  Nike Free 5.0  Asics Gel-Excel

So its a new year, a new week, a new day. Pick out some comfy, or pretty, or worn in or brand new clothes and get active! I can promise you one thing as much as it sucks getting your butt in gear you will feel so much better after you do and I am preaching to the choir!

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