Summer is nearing the halfway point and the kids are starting to miss the routine of the school year. We have been keeping busy outside because lets face it here in Canada our outdoor season isn’t that long (unless you enjoy being outside in the cold which I do not) but this summer has been a bit disappointing and as of lately we have had more gloomy rain days than I would like to see so keeping the kids entertained and happy is getting challenging. Toys is always a touchy subject with people some things kids should have lots some believe in minimal toys wherever you stand I’m not here to judge. In our home we go through our toys every 4-6 months and pack up a bag or two to sell or donate to make room for new ones. When you have 3 kids that means 3 birthdays plus lots at Christmas so its great to recycle them and make room for new things. Recently Num Noms sent my daughter a little package with some fun new things to try out and she was so excited. I’ll be honest I knew nothing about these products so I was a bit shocked when she knew what they were when she opened the box. (guess Ive been living under a rock).  In the package was 3 Num Noms Lights Mystery Pack which she graciously shared one each with her brother and sister. (you can see in the one photo her little sister trying to steal one already). These super cute little Nums fit on top of the scented Noms which light up in two colours. The second item was the Num Noms Lights Freezie Pop maker and let me tell you this is super fun “toy” and perfect for the summer. It comes with 3 (which is perfect since we have 3 little people in our home) Num freeze pop moods and 3 flavour packets. Such a super cute and way to have a freezie and even more fun to use at night when it lights up! The last gift she received was the Num Noms Surprise in a Jar! I’ll be honest this looked like a stuffy in a jar and I thought – great just what she needs another stuffy (I can’t stand stuffy’s sorry) but even though it is a cute little plush stuffy it is scented and it smells amazing like real cotton candy!! There are different characters to collect and the cute jar the come in can than be reused as a piggy bank or storage for something. Thank you so much to Num Noms for these super sweet gifts you made my daughter very happy and she has been enjoying playing with all the fun things for days!





This post was sponsored by Num Noms but all opinions as always are my own!

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  • After a crazy busy weekend full of birthday parties and lots of fun we ended it in the hospital last night with our baby and it broke my heart. All you mamas know what I mean when I say the mama guilt was strong- you try so hard to keep them healthy and yet there’s only so much you can do especially when they are little! It gave me a small dose of reality for so many mamas who’s little ones are in a way tougher situation than we are.  Tonight I’m thankful to be home and for modern medicine and great doctors and I am praying that much harder for mamas like @tanismitchell who are so brave and truly a super mom to her little warrior! We keep praying for a miracle for sweet Lu!
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