I love the weekend. Well who doesn’t, and so a long weekend is even better than a normal weekend. I love having my hubby home from work as do our babies. This weekend (much like the rest in the summer) was spent at the cottage and we had our friends join us. Although our long weekend wasn’t off to the greatest start (I had food poisoning on Wednesday night leaving me not feeling 100% Thursday) I was anxious to get up to the cottage and prayed we would miss traffic. We left Thursday during nap time which worked out perfectly. Our babies are great travellers (they’ve been doing the cottage trek since newborn days) but I always enjoy the quietness of the car ride while they sleep.



Thankfully we missed traffic and made it up to the cottage in great time. My sweet little girl couldn’t wait to get outside, after all we spend a lot of time at the cottage enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We hadn’t been at the cottage very long when I heard from the back deck crying and I mean loud wailing and my husband frantically scooping my daughter up rushing in the cottage. Turns out she had been stung by a wasp 3 times (My husband was stung twice as well) Poor sweet girl was in pain and they got her good. Thankfully she didn’t have an allergic reaction, just pain and “ouchies” that are still visible today.


(The pictures don’t really show you the swelling but you get the point they were painful and my husband can attest to that)

Thankfully the rest of our weekend was full of fun, lots of laughing, beautiful weather and friends! Friday morning we did our usual trip to town for treats (just my little family of 4) and I even got to slip in a little shopping at my favourite decor store up north.






Got my latte and a piece of fudge. How can you go in the ultimate candy store and not get something sweet? If you ever get the chance you need to go to the Nutty Chocolatier even just to experience the store. It has ice cream, gelato, tons of chocolate and candy as well as other gifts in the cute little store.






Love it when my favourite stores have sales! So glad to have scored some sweet deals at 50% off at my favourite decor store. The store is full of great pieces of furniture, bedding, pillows, accessories as well as a children’s side to the store.


I throughly enjoy nap time every day but especially when I have a new book to dive into, the hot sun calling my name and the sound of the lake soothing me. *Plug for this book – I am only a couple chapters in but so far its a great, enjoyable, humurous and motivating book – I will do a full report on it when I finish the book*. I enjoyed the dock while my amazing, fearless husband took care of the wasp nest so we didn’t have any more accidents during the weekend.





And he was successful! The nest was crazy built between two of the beams in the underside of the deck so virtually impossible to see so I am thankful he was able to safely locate it and get rid of it.

We are blessed to have some of the greatest people in our lives! Friends that we may not be able to see as much as we would like but we pick up right where we left off when we do! Thankful for time to spend with them this weekend.


These two fish couldn’t stay out of the water! Thankful that their daddies are good daddies and are willing to continually jump in the cool (yet refreshing water) with them! Even take them on paddle boat rides and let them jump on the water trampoline!





Don’t worry though it wasn’t all work and no play for these daddies! Even sneaking away before the sun set to get an evening ride in!







It’s always so nice to just enjoy your time with the people you love, enjoying all the beautiful creation, the great weather, good laughs and the kiddies always keep us busy! I really don’t know how we survive the winter months here in Canada. My babies just love being outside so much and I don’t blame them. It’s hard to believe we spend most of the months in a year indoors (due to weather) so we definitely make the most of the summer days we have.





*He really does love the water it was just really cool/cold*


*It is never too cold for this girl! She never wants to get out even when her lips are blue and she can’t stop shivering*










A cottage favourite is getting ice cream at Kawartha Dairy! Their new “salted carmel truffle” ice cream is to die for. It is so delicious especially when they add the hot carmel sauce on top!  The place always has a line up because who doesn’t love ice cream. They have tons of different kinds of ice cream – a flavour to suit everyones taste. Their servings are huge and the prices are reasonable! You can even buy a tub of ice cream to take home with you!





We finished the long weekend and had the drive home left! We had hoped we would get lucky like we did on the way up and avoid traffic! #fail We definitely didn’t and although the babies slept for some of the way we definitely all were in need of a treat to help sweeten the slow trip.



The babies love “bits” (As my daughter calls them) and we found Boston Cream timbits! I didn’t even know they existed but so yummy.  Of course this mama needed her latte!


I made the most of the trip and worked away on my computer that was tethered to my phone. I like to think that I was being productive even while stuck in a seat for one too many hours!



We made it home safely a little longer than usual but safe and sound and that is what is important! So there is a peak into our long weekend. How did you spend yours? Was Monday a holiday for you or did you have to work? I can’t believe we are already into August! Where is the summer going? If August is anything like July it will fly by and we will be welcoming the fall – all too soon! Make the most of the summer days that are left… my little family will be!





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