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I am a firm believe that every day needs to be celebrated! Life is such a gift and we are not guaranteed tomorrow! With all three of my babies I have done their monthly photos every month and I have loved watching them change each month and than seeing the comparison. I am always sad after we hit 12 months because than the monthly photos stop and its like a rude wake up call that my babies are now no longer babies. I was so happy when I found Milestone Toddler Cards because now I can continue to celebrate each milestone with my babies and I have a cute and fun way to document them. When my cards arrived in the mail my older two babies thought they were so cool and had so much fun going through each card and naming what the pictures where on the cards. We than had fun going through and figuring out which ones each of them could already do. Of course we had to take a couple pictures with appropriate cards. The cards arrived just in time for my oldest birthday so she was excited to take her photo with the fitting “I am 4” card.





I have been anxiously waiting for the right time to start potty training my little man (who absolutely has no interest in it). His sister was such a breeze to potty train and at a young age but he just laughs when I ask him to try so when he saw the card that had the bear using the potty he was willing to give the potty a try and than he could have his picture with the card as well. I am really hoping this will be a lasting effect … but time will tell!






Since my baby is still my baby (at least officially she is for a couple more months) it was completely perfect to have her take her picture with the “My First Father’s Day” card on Sunday! I am so excited to use these cards and celebrate and document my babies milestones with them! As their mom I am their biggest cheerleader and want to celebrate the big and little moments with them. If you would like to get your hands on a set of these super cute cards you can do so here: Milestone Toddler Cards. They also have pregnancy cards, baby cards, wedding cards and word cards. Make sure to check the site out and see all the fabulous options.






*This post was sponsored by Milestone but opinions are my own*


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