It’s moving week and I can’t believe that in 3 days we will be in our new house! I am so excited and ready to get in and get unpacked. We go through are final walk thru this afternoon and I can’t wait to see everything that was done while we were on vacation! Time is definitely been flying bye lately just being so busy and such. Hard to believe we are almost to May and Mother’s Day will be here in just a couple weeks! For so many years Mother’s Day was such an emotionally hard day for me. When you long and desire to be a mommy and that just can’t happen the way you thought it would it is very unbearably painful. I wanted to spend Mother’s Day being thankful for my mom and mother in law yet the aching and breaking in my heart was always there. I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate this my third Mother’s Day this year and I do not take it for granted at all. Can I just say if you are a mommy in waiting and you are dreading this Mother’s Day let me know I want to do something special for you! I have been there and I know all too well the pain this day can bring for you. Just leave me a comment here and let me know because I don’t want this Mother’s Day to be like the rest for you! I remember so clearly the Mother’s Day right after we lost our first little foster daughter my sister sent me a dozen roses with a card that read “just because you aren’t a mommy yet you aren’t forgotten”. Can I tell you what that did for my soul! The flowers were beautiful yes but the words and the heart behind them were so much more beautiful! I wasn’t forgotten even though I felt like I was! So to all you mama’s out there remember this Mother’s Day as you are being celebrated – and you deserve to be don’t get me wrong – that there are some beautiful women out there hurting and longing to be celebrated as a mommy!

Since I am blessed to be a mommy this year naturally my hubby has asked what are some ideas of things I would love to receive and to be honest I feel like I should be the one buying my babies the gifts for allowing me the privilege of being their mommy. I feel like I have been gifted way more than I deserve but since I never would turn away a gift I have been browsing and coming up with a list for him and my babies to go do a little shopping!




Bag Scarf Necklace  Bath Set  Slippers  Blanket Wand  Candle Running Shoes Hat


To all you ladies who are blessed to be called Mommy I hope that you are spoiled and celebrated this Mother’s Day! Being a mommy is by far the best, hardest, most rewarding, most challenging, nail bitting, patience learning job ever but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Being a mommy means opening yourself up to love deeply and therefore at times hurt just as deeply. You are a constantly wiping noses, washing hands, changing clothes, kissing ouchies, rubbing backs, telling stories, tickling bellies and yet at the end of days you feel some days like you have accomplished nothing. Mama’s remember to enjoy whatever stage you are in in your motherhood. Time goes by all too quickly and soon our babies won’t need us the same as they do today! I hope you have had a enjoyable Monday so far and that your week is off to a great start! Make sure to make someone smile today it’ll not only make them feel good but you will feel it too!

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