It’s Monday again! Are you like me and you dread Mondays? I find myself, especially lately, living for the weekends and then Sunday evening comes and I start dreading Monday. Its hard to believe we are already over a week into August! Where has the summer gone? If your like me you’ve had a busy summer. Our summer has been full of adventures, family, friends making memories and having fun, but man am I tired! I recently purchased this little print from Lara Casey and I have spent a lot of time looking at it this morning and thinking about it and how true it is!


Life is crazy busy, I have 24 hours in each day and how do I spend them? Obviously I am busy with my two babies and I love that, but some days 24 hours doesn’t seem enough to get everything done I need to (or want to). Thursday morning we received a call that my husbands sweet grandma had passed away. Death is never easy, it always sends a real slap in the face as to how short life really is. She lived a great life for 92 years and leaves behind a legacy of 8 children, 19 grandchildren and 22 great grand children.  I hope I have 92 years but I am not garunteed that. Today, today is all I know I have and how am I going to spend it? Wishing for the weekend? Or accepting Monday with a smile on my face and saying “Jesus you’re all I need”.  As a young mom many days I find myself discouraged because I don’t get everything on my to-do list done or I don’t get a work out in, didn’t get to spend enough time working on my blog or I didn’t …. well you know how it is, there is always something and yet when I look at the faces of the ones I love, especially my sweet babies as they splash in their new water table, I can’t help but think my “to – do” list really isn’t that important. I love working on this blog, it is something I have dreamed of doing for a long time now and now that it’s actually happening, I’m passionate about seeing it succeed but when its all said and done the most important thing are the people in my life and how I am loving and giving my time to them.




This wasn’t the post I had planned to blog today but it is whats on my mind and heart so I felt the need to write it out. So here is Monday and I’m ok with that! The weekend will actually be here before I know it as I have a busy week ahead of me but thats ok because each day is a gift and I need to remember that. Re-focus my way of thinking and focus on that which is actually important not just what society or my brain tells me is.  How do you motivate yourself? Do you find Mondays tough? I really hope I am not the only one that does but we all struggle with things at different times of life and we need to be motivated and encouraged. May we challenge ourselves to motivate and encourage others! So… Heres to a new week, the gift of today and spending it loving and spreading love to the people in my life and whom I come in contact with today!


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  • Rachel says:

    I love how true this is! Jesus is ALL we need! Such a great reminder for me today too!! I don’t think my to-do list ever gets finished in a week!

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  • Long weekend spent doing errands and packing - sore throat, full ears and a headache making this girl frustrated - sleep they say!?! And I say I wish but when your a mama to 4 and moving in just days sleep will have to wait! Thankful for medicine, @starbuckscanada and the fact we get to move to our new house so soon! Perspective changes everything - can’t change how I feel but I can change my focus!
  • Cold wet morning and early specialist appointment where they told me I had to wear loose fitting clothes- track suit it is! #monday #letsdothis
  • The privilege and blessing it is to be their mommy is one I don’t take for granted ever. They were each worth the years of heartache. Today is always an emotional one for me so today I say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the moms - the first time moms, the seasoned ones, the mommy’s in waiting, the hurting ones, the grieving one wether that be from the loss of a mom or a loss of a baby/child, to the foster mamas, to the bonus moms to the adoptive mommy’s and the birth moms - I am thinking of you today and I hope you feel love and valued because you are!
  • As a mommy I find myself often times so proud to be the mommy of my little people. I remember being proud when they slept through the night or took their first steps. The older they get the more proud I am of them not necessarily when they simply accomplish a task or master a skill but when they make choices that show their true character. This girl had another gymnastics competition today and she was feeling all kinds of nerves but as she told her brother and sister “I just went out there and did it” and that she did. I was so proud of her not just for being brave or not just because she put lots of work into learning her skills and ended up placing in each event she competed in but because my 6 year old was awarded the sportsmanship trophy for the ages 7-9 in the competition. That to me as her mama made me cry and beam with pride. My girl out there with a positive attitude encouraging the other athletes and competing in a kind and fair manner that’s what it’s all about to this mama. I can take no credit for her awards or her trophy today she earned them all but I sure am proud and not afraid to say it. I love you #graylynnhope and I’m proud to be your mama not just today but everyday!
  • Easter behind us (already) May is coming and dare I say summer is on its way... I’m pretty sure end of school will be here literally before I know it and I’m ok with that but lots of exciting things in store for the next little while and these little people make it all worth it.
  • Monday’s mantra! (And everyday) If we all where a little kinder think how different the world would be! Kindness always wins!

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