My Sweet Boy

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3 years ago today the weather was cold and rainy and I had a list of things I needed to get done. I was grabbing my wee girl out of her car seat and just about to walk into a local furniture shop when my phone rang. In that moment my heart stopped and than started racing. Could this be the call? Is our baby being born? I quickly said hello and within moments I knew it was time our baby was going to be born today our birth mom was in labour. Hard to believe it has been 3 years the detail and feelings of that day are so vivid in my mind as if they were yesterday. The moment I laid eyes on my boy my heart grew in ways I didn’t know where possible. After waiting to be a mommy for so many years once I became one I was so over joyed that I didn’t even want to allow myself to be sad at the thought of only being a mommy to one. But thankfully Jesus knew my hearts desire deep down inside and He in his graciousness granted me the desire to be a mommy to another baby and to a boy!

My sweet Cove you are such a tender hearted little boy. It has been a pleasure and my greatest joy to watch you grow especially over this last year! It seems so monumental all the things you have experienced and the ways you have changed and grown and every day I am so thankful to be your mom! Not only are you the most handsome little man ever but you are sweet as anything. You have the greatest smile and your charm is key to get you things you want. You are a quiet boy but when you are with your sister you can become loud and very busy! Watching you and Graylynn interact and play together is my dream come true. You two are the best of friends and I love how you love her so deeply! My sweet boy your daddy and I are doing our best to raise you to be a great young man who will treat woman properly who will be a great daddy and a lover of life. To see the good in people and to take chances. To love Jesus and to be loyal and kind. This world is an ugly place but their are good people in it and we pray that you will be one of them. Make smart and wise choices my boy even at your young age – the easy road is not always the best road! I love you my boy and secretly hope you will always be your mommy’s boy! We will celebrate you today and are excited for your party with all your little friends this weekend! Thank you my boy for making me a mommy again! I love you Cove!

















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