One of the “perks” of being a blogger is when you get asked to do product reviews – even better when you get asked to review a product you already know you love and use on a daily basis. I have been using and loving my Diaper Genie® for a while now and when PlaytexBaby™ asked me to review their newest product, I was so excited. Let’s face it, one of the least enjoyable and definitely the “crappiest” part of motherhood is changing diapers. PlaytexBaby™ has once again created a product to help make life easier for moms by eliminating the smell and nasty odour that is a result of changing diapers. As if the Diaper Genie® Elite (which is the original one I have) wasn’t already amazing, PlaytexBaby™ has now come out with the Diaper Genie Expressions™. So now you not only get all the amazing benefits of the Diaper Genie® but now you can customize the sleek, white pale with one of their many designer sleeves or you can simply leave it uncovered if you like.  As I was taking the photos for this post, my baby (recently turned 2 so maybe not quite a baby but still not potty trained) walked into her room as I was taking the photos and took over. I thought at first< “sure I’ll let her play with her new Diaper Genie and then I’ll do my photos after but all of a sudden she started taking the sleeves out and trying to put them on the pail herself and I thought, “Wow OK I need to use these photos to show my readers just how easy and user- friendly this product is.” In a matter of minutes, what I thought was a distraction from my work and photos I needed to take, became a #momwin. She became the perfect model to showcase just how amazing and versatile the beautiful different sleeves are. You can switch them out to make your room decor or to appease your 2-year-old who is impossible to please these days! (They call it the terrible twos for a reason, I guess, even though my other two never experienced it) Anyways I think you guys know by now that I will only give my honest opinions on here and in my honest opinion this product is a MUST for moms who have little ones in diapers (notice I didn’t say new moms because even if you’ve been a mom before or have a toddler as long as you still are using diapers in your house, you need this!) If you want to purchase one you can do so on Amazon,  Walmart or and they are less than $40!! #PlaytexMoms #ForBetterBeginnings





*Thank you to #PlaytexBaby for sponsoring this post but as always all opinions are my own*

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