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If you follow me on Instagram…which if you don’t you should if you want to see many more sneak peaks into my daily life and cute pictures of my babies who I must admit are the most adorable (yes I am bias I am their mama) … you would have seen that we officially signed the adoption papers for our baby girl Feb 5th! And let me tell ¬†you even though this is my third time signing adoption papers it feels just as good as the first! Each one of my babies are a complete miracle (as are all babies) but the obstacles and things my babies have been exposed to and the fact they are completely healthy and thriving is a testament to God’s goodness and the fact I get to be their mommy forever well I can’t even type that without having tears in my eyes. All my years of infertility, the pain and loss and I have 3 beautiful healthy babies! The journey has been tough at times unbearable and yet I watch them daily with amazement that this is my life they are mine! I thought I would share some of my sweet baby girls newborn photos with you today since I haven’t posted them on any social media yet and because well she’s just so adorable and goodness I could eat her up! Even though she is now 6 months (how did that happen!?) she is still our baby and still cute and cuddly and sure she is thriving and growing but thankfully she is not growing as quickly as her big brother did so I am still enjoying the “babyness” she gives off! A big thank you to Straight Thru Photography for as always providing the most beautiful photos of my family! Working with Christine is always so easy and comfortable. If you are local and need photos done make sure to check them out!

























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  • Dianne ( Bakersartist )
    February 22, 2016

    I am smitten. She is adorable!

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