Packing for Two

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Hard to believe in a couple days I will be heading to Vancouver! I am taking baby along with me and we are going to be spending the weekend in Van City and attending Blogpodium. I am super excited to be attending the blogging conference this year again but extra excited for the little get away  and to also see a few old friends and spend the night with my best friend and her sweet new baby boy! I have to admit with life so busy at home I haven’t even really started packing which is so not like me! Since it is a short trip I don’t want to over pack – but who am I kidding I totally will! I am also trying to figure out which baby accessories I need to take and what I should leave! Who knows what the weather will be like in the rainy city so packing is challenging!


Here are some of the things I will be bringing with me on the plane in my bag for baby!



Snot Sucker  since she has her first cold and is all stuffy. I will definitely be keeping this close by to help give her relief if she needs it.  Medication  since she suffers from reflux she is on a prescription  but this gives some temporary relief as needed. Wet/Dry Bag  I never go anywhere without one of these because you never know when someone will have an accident needing a clothing change and this keeps everything else in my bag clean as well!  Diapers and Wipes  this is kinda a given that I will be bringing a good stack of diapers and wipes because lets be honest you never know how many you will need and its better to be safe than sorry! Clothes I will totally be packing extra change of clothes for sweet girl in the event she has a blow out and needs them! I will make sure they are something easy to put on and comfy for her to be in! Blanket I will be bringing her favourite blanket to swaddle in and cuddle as well as the obvious a soother as well.

Here is an idea of what we will be wearing for our travelling!



Shirt Leggings  Scarf Hat Boots   Baby Shoes  Baby Dress Baby Onesie   Baby Leggings 

Now I am getting back to packing! Enjoy your day lovelies!


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  • Nama and Papa
    September 23, 2015

    Have a great trip, hope the little one travels well.

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