A couple weeks ago by oldest turned 4! How did she all of a sudden grow up and be 4 I don’t know! I feel like yesterday she was turning 1 and a week ago she was born but somehow 4 years have flown by and my sweet itty bitty baby girl turned 4! She is the most energetic, petite, dramatic little girl ever! She has the biggest heart for others and is seriously the best big sister! The past two years  I have asked her, since she is at an age where she gets what a birthday party it, what she wants to do for her birthday party and this year she requested the trampoline park! I wasn’t all that surprised since she has no sense of fear and is always jumping, tumbling, flipping off anything she can around the house! The only problem was I have never hosted a party not in my own home with the ability to tinker and play around with staging and decorating. She was very ademet that she have a paw patrol party which once again didn’t suprise me! I was sorta hoping she would go for the spa day with her little girlfriends but I guess that will come in a few years time! So once I knew she wanted a paw patrol party my creative juices started flowing and I had all sorts of ideas of what I wanted to do but once again the venue was “the thorn in my side”. We decided to go to Air U trampoline park and so I called to get an idea what their “party room” was like. The girl I spoke with was super friendly and helpful but the only hiccup was that we would only be allowed in 15 min before our party started to get set up! 15 minute people!! Ahhh that meant I needed to be extremely organized and know what I wanted to do before I got in there and once I got in there I had to work fast to pull it off! I am happy with how it turned out and the staff kept commenting on how it was the best decorated party they had ever seen there which made me feel good! I even had other kids ask if they could join our party lol but best of all my sweet little birthday girl kept saying “mom this is the best party ever” which made it all worth it! I have to take a minute and talk about the most amazing Paw Patrol birthday cake that Dana from The Cake Place made for our party. Dana was so friendly and extremely creative. When I met with her I was impressed by her super cute studio and her professionalism yet she was so accommodating and easy to work with! Not only did the cake look super cute and the birthday girl loved it but the cake was so delicious. By far the best fondant Ive ever tasted. I was so excited thinking we would have left overs but our guests loved the cake just as much and it was gone so quickly! The other cute part of our party was the kids “take home” gifts. They each got to adopt a paw patrol pup which apparently not only where my babies excited but so where their friends. I decided to go with this idea when my two oldest babies each got a paw patrol stuffy a few months ago for accomplishing different goals. Those pups go everywhere with them and they sleep with them each night so I thought how fun for their little friends to each get their own pup at our party! Well you have no idea how hard to became to find enough pups for all our guests! Thanks to target, toys r us, and amazon I was able to find enough for each of our guests. Its so funny to me how when I am putting together a party I get stuck on specific details and I won’t budge and those pups where one of them.
































Our sweaty birthday girl with her amazing Paw Patrol birthday cake!

*Please do not think I only fed our cake and candy pizza was delivered after the photos where taken*






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