As a busy mom showering has become a luxury more than a necessity. And when I am lucky enough to get a shower I try to be as fast as possible. (It’s amazing to me how I can wash my body, my super long thick hair and shave and still be faster than my hubby – I’m sure its a “skill” right?) I practically have the steps down to a science you know like you jump in get all wet, shampoo hair, rinse, wash body, condition hair and than the most dreaded part (for some but I actually really enjoy it) the shave.

I am not one of those girls that is gifted with super slow growing hair and therefore I need to shave every time I shower (and probably even more than that sometimes if I’m begin honest Im sure my hubby can tell you from the prickly legs that snuggle up against him at night). For me shaving is therapeutic. I can’t stand having stubbly legs even in the winter I am telling you I shave – legit ask the hubby! Shaving not only for myself is a must but it is also a form of self care that I religiously practice. Does it take me an extra couple minutes in my shower? It does but its worth it. Have you ever gone to get a massage or a pedicure and realized you forgot to shave your legs? How embarrassing, right!! Schick has started this great program which they are calling the “Intuition Effect” – little things that simplify your life, that have the potential to deliver BIG, happy moments to you and your family!! I love it!! Because lets face it mom’s its not secret that life with littles gets crazy chaotic!! I mean life in general is crazy busy for everyone than add little people with big personalities, and school or daycare and than swimming lessons and gymnastics or whatever your kids are into oh and don’t forget family get togethers or dinner with friends and life is busy!! So how do you simplify your life? How do you make time for the things that you need to do (and the ones maybe you don’t want to but you need to *ehem shave*)?






One of the things I love most about my schick razor is the  built in system that lathers, shaves, and moisturizes during my shave. It is actually the first and only razor system that does this which is amazing because no more need for shaving gel – cutting one thing off my grocery list and cutting down on showering time! *win, win* And since I want everyone to win and see what I am talking about I am offering 50 readers a chance to try your own Schick Intuition Razor for *drum roll please* FREE!! All you have to do is email me at with your name and mailing address and the first 50 people to do so will get to see exactly why I love being a #SchickAmbassador! To make the win even better after receiving your FREE razor if you post a review of the razor right here on the comment section of this post and email me the link of your comment one of my lucky readers will WIN $100 gift card!!



I received compensation from Schick® Intuition® to share my honest opinion and thoughts in this blog post. This program is only open to age of majority residents of Canada, (excluding Quebec). All winners will receive a Schick® Intuition® razor as featured in this post. See full Rules here



  • Just tried the Schick Intuition, which I #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry”.

    At 8 months pregnant, everything has been taking much longer to do and things have gotten more tiring. I absolutely loved that it lathered and moisturized at the same time, so it made the whole process of shaving my legs so quick and easy! Also, whatever the formula is that is used is amazing and now my legs feel absolutely amazing and soft!

    Definitely going to be using this after the baby comes too, since it saves me so much time! 🙂

    • BETHANY says:

      Just tried the Schick Intuition, which I #Gotitfree!

      As do most women, I hate the time shaving take but I absolutely loved that it lathered and moisturized at the same time, so it made the whole process of shaving my legs so quick and easy! I absolutely love how amazing and soft it left my legs!

      Thanks Katie for the recommend!

  • Sandy F says:

    I received a package in the mail on Friday, (I love receiving packages in the mail!), and upon opening it, saw that it was the Schick Intuition Razor. It came packaged in an attractive box. I was expecting just another run-of-the-mill disposable razor, but this one is different. * #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.*

    The Schick Intuition razor is slightly larger than an ordinary disposable razor, and also has a nice textured handle, so is easy to grip. It doesn’t slip around in your hand. It’s also an attractive razor – mine is a soft pink colour.

    Still, I wondered at the claims it made. No soap? No foam? Just wet the razor and go? In my mind I was prepared for some wicked razor burn, but resolved to try it as instructed.

    Last night I was up later than I should have been, and needed to be up early this morning. The choice was – shave my legs at night, late, or wait until morning, and get up earlier. Nighttime it was. I ran the razor until running water and started in. To my surprise, it worked exactly as stated! No muss, no fuss, just an easy shave and easy clean-up. And this morning my legs feel stubble free. Not only was it easy to use, it worked remarkably well. I’m excited that this product came with not only one razor head, but a replacement one, so I will be able to continue using it for a while – at which point I’m pretty much assuming I’ll be hooked!

    Thank you to Schick Intuition and Katie for a chance to try this great product!

  • Emily Enns says:

    I decided to put my Schick Intuition razor (which I #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry) up to the ultimate test – I had my quarterly body scan today where every square inch of my body is carefully examined. This is not the time for stray, unwanted body hair!

    I usually use a razor designed for men due to the maneuverability and close shave it offers. I often skip special gels when shaving and use hair conditioner (gasp!), because I hate having a ton of different bottles and product in the shower. The cream bar around the Schick Intuition razor was such a treat – it smelled wonderful and wasn’t heavy or slimy feeling on my skin.

    I wondered how the razor would get into all the nooks and crannies due to the large cream bar, but the Schick Intuition razor did not disappoint.

    The razor glided nicely over large, bumpy surgical scars, and easily maneuvered around those often hard to reach areas. The cream bar provided the right amount of lather – not too heavy, and has left my legs feeling silky smooth post shaving.

    The Schick Intuition razor was easy to hold, a nice weight and provided the right amount of lather. And the best part – I didn’t find any unwanted body hair during my body scan & my legs still feel well moisturized. Thanks Katie & Schick Intuition for the wonderful shave! I will be using this razor again!

  • Elizabeth Silveira says:

    With 3 littles to look after a quick shave is a welcome time saver. What a great concept to not need to also buy shaving cream. My kind of product!!! Thanks Katie for helping me find this great razor.

  • Brittney says:

    “#Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry”
    I was so excited to give the Schick Intuition razor a try. I’m always up for a new beauty product that helps reduce the time it takes for me to get ready. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. Since, I didn’t need shaving cream I had to be more diligent in remembering where I shaved and where I still needed to. Overall, I enjoyed the smooth skin results of the Schick Intuition razor.

  • Cathy says:

    I am always willing to try new products, especially one that promises greater ease and less time shaving.
    (#gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product through a contest from
    What sets this razor apart is that you don’t need to have a full shower to use it. Other razors that involve shaving cream etc get so messy if you are trying to do a quick shave while sitting on the side of the tub.
    Thanks for the opportunity to test this product!

  • Alisha says:

    (#gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product through a contest from

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this razor due to how bulky it was but it was great!

    Thanks again

  • Janell says:

    This razor is great! I was a little skeptical that it would really work as well as it is promoted to work, but I am impressed! I always feel like I need to hurry up when I’m in the shower (hearing four little kids running around outside of the closed door always makes me wonder what I’m going to find when I get out!) and this razor does a good job of skimming down the time needed to shave. Thanks Katie and Schick!

  • Sue says:

    I am loving this Schick razor and I do use it every day! <3

    Thanks Katie and Schick

  • Carrie says:

    The other the say I received a lovely package in the maill, and who doesn’t like to receive packages – open it to find a lovely pink “girly” razor * #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.*

    I was skeptical, not gonna lie, to try it out. I have an auto immune disorder that affects my legs, and most times makes it very painful to shave my legs. But I decided to give it a whirl, according to the directions all I need is the razor and some water.

    Well I am in LOVE with my new razor, it was quick, easy and PAINLESS. Hello smooth, soft, silky legs.

    Thank you for the opportunity to try the new Schick Intuition razor, I’m in love.

  • lauren says:

    This razor worked great for a mom that was in a rush to get the kiddies to the splash pad. Easy to use and no shaving cream needed.. cause really who has time for that. Thanks for the opportunity to test this product!

  • Dyanne says:

    Just tried the Schick Intuition, which I #Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry”.
    Always love to try new products and especially ones that will save me time on shaving, even though like Katie, I do find shaving my legs somewhat relaxing and therapeutic. This razor is amazing! Simple wet your legs and the razor and start to shave your legs, it handles perfectly, doesn’t slip in my hand and isn’t to big or too small. It smells amazing too! My legs felt so smooth after and even the next day, which I love. I think the best thing about this razor is having the shaving cream built into it, no need for the extra bottle taking up space in your bathroom and one less thing to apply to your legs. Now I have more time to sit back in the bath and actually relax and who wouldn’t like that!?! 😃🛀
    Thank you Katie for this opportunity and to Schick!

  • Melissa H says:

    I’m completely guilty of a quick water and shave, which doesn’t leave me with the best looking/feeling legs. Having the built-in soap definitely made me think “is this what’ve I’ve been missing?”. I love that it’s one step and done. The results were the softest legs I’ve had in years, without a ton of effort. Thanks for sharing this product Katie!

  • Martie says:

    So I saw this opportunity and had to jump on it because I have actually never used a razor designed for women, I’m one of those ‘borrow their hubbies razors’ types. I got the package (Gotitfree in exchange for my honest feedback on the product, which is also a contest entry.*) and opened it find this pretty pink thing and quickly planned my day to make sure I got time to try it out! So fast forward to that night when I snuck away just after bedtime to try out my new razor, and perfect timing as we were heading away for the weekend! I was shocked to find it wasn’t near as heavy as it looked but it was sturdy, and the scent was amazing!! Once I started I couldn’t stop, it was so quick and easy which is vital to a pregnant momma with 2 little. As my belly has grown, shaving has become a lower priority as I struggle to lather and shave, which is troublesome since it’s my first summer being pregnant! This is my game changer, I don’t have to sacrifice my time or comfort and can still have the result of perfectly smooth and conditioned skin with much less effort. Thanks for letting me have a chance to try and review, I am definitely a convert from a former man razor stealer.

  • Ann McLean says:

    Just tried the Schick Intuition, which I #Gotitfree!

    This is hands down the best razor I have ever used! I absolutely loved that it lathered and moisturized at the same time! It made shaving so easy and these old legs felt silky smooth after I was done. Thanks Katie. I will definitely keep using this razor and have told quite a few family and friends about too.

  • Lilli Henwood says:

    I’ve been using the new Schick Intuition, and it’s been fantastic! As a mom who tries to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible, this razor is definitely ideal: moisturizes and shaves simultaneously. Thanks for the freebie, Katie!

  • Diane says:

    Love the Sick intuition which I #gotitfree
    Tried it as soon as I got it love the way it left my legs so soft.

  • Brooklyn says:

    I am a busy mom of three and I don’t get to shower exactly when I want to not to mention have time for a shave endless they are all in bed! When I tried the Schick Institution it was amazing!! I always have to put shaving cream on or lather my legs in conditioner and then start the shave. With most razors I press too hard and by the end I have cuts around my knees or the occasional one here or there. When I used the Schick Institution it had the soap around the razor which prevented me from pressing too hard! I left the showing feeling great and had silky smooth legs as well!
    Thanks for letting me try it! I will be switching to this razor for future shaves!

  • Nancy Lameira says:

    I received my Schick intuition which #Igotfree for my honest feedback and is also a contest entry. I was saving the razor to take on our cottage week away, being right on the beach means no stubbles chasing two boys all week.
    I was pleasantly surprised that it took no time because of the built in larger and moisturizer, and even more surprisingly NO razor burn… I will definitely make Schick intuition a part of my beauty regime, thanks @katiespinks for the opportunity to being introduced to a product that makes momming a bit more easy.

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