Summer is literally weeks away for us and I couldn’t be more excited! No more school lunches to be made no more starving kids coming off the bus and raiding my snack basket – our days will be filled with park trips, splash pad playdates lots of fun and that means I’ll still have hungry kids on my hand. I always try to be prepared whenever I go anywhere with my kids with lots of snack options. There is nothing worse than a hangry child or really adult too! My first choice for my kids is always something fresh either fruit or veggies but typically they are still hungry after that and if we are gone on the road for the day (like we will this summer) I need to come prepared with lots of snacks. When choosing snacks I look for something that my kids will enjoy, it must taste good (duh) and I want something that isn’t loaded with sugar and bad for them. Recently I was sent a box of goodies from Kind Snacks and we couldn’t wait to try them out. Since I have a nut allergy we avoid nuts in our house so I was very thankful that all the bars we were sent were nut free #winwin and that means they are even safe to send to school with the kids if needed. (If you don’t have a nut allergy and you enjoy nuts Kind Snacks has tons of bar options for you)

In our box we received the Dark Chocolate Chunk, Oats and Honey with Toasted Coconut (my favourite) and the Maple Pumkin Seeds with Sea Salt. All of them were delicious and kid and parent approved but they even have more options that I would still love to try like the popped salted carmel! The kids really like the Pressed Bars which a healthy spin on a fruit snack. Each bar boats 2 servings of fruit and clean ingredients which I am sure every mom loves to feed her child. Pressed bars contain 5 ingredients or less and NO ADDED SUGAR!! We enjoyed the Pineapple Banana Kale Spinach and the Strawberry Apple Cherry Chia . The bars are also packaged in fun bright colours which naturally the kids gravitate to.

Kind Snacks are just delicious, healthy snack options but they also have a mission to make the world a littler kinder with one snack and one act at a time and I just love this whole idea. Feeding my kids snacks that are good for their physical body and their emotional soul is a total win in my books. Kind Snacks want to provide healthy snacks and inspire acts of kindness big and small as a part of the KIND Movement and I want to partner with them. We can all agree this world needs more love and kindness so I want to encourage you my beautiful readers to jump on board and join in. As a way to get started I want to give away one a one month supply of Kind Bars to one of you. All you have to do to enter is comment on this post or on my Instagram post and tell me one way you are going to spread kindness this week. (If you comment on this blog post and my Instagram post you will have two entries.)


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  • Sometimes being an adult you gotta do scary things like getting a bunch of bloodwork and other tests done in order to get answers that are needed but like I shared earlier this week it’s all about your mindset. Yes I was sweating and shaking with nerves wishing I didn’t have to do it but I also was thankful that I have a dr who cares and wants answers, thankful for that these tests are available to me and especially thankful for a gentle and kind nurse who made it easier for me.
  • Woke up to the most beautiful white snow and was immediately thankful it was snow and not the rain they are calling for - thankful that the kiddies have snow to play in (which makes them so happy) and thankful that we have different seasons to experience. It’s amazing how a grateful heart changes your out look on things. There is a lot I could chose to complain about today but where I put my thoughts is my choice and will definitely effects my  entire day! Look for the positives in your day focus on those and don’t give negative thoughts a place in your heart and mind!
  • Mama, You were given these children, you! No one else. 
You were given these children because you are who they need.
You have the soul to love them even on their hard days.
You have the motivation and love to give these children everything they need.
You have the heart to wake up every morning and do it all over again, 
Even when you are exhausted. You have the smile that they crave and the touch to make everything okay. You are their sunshine and their comfort. You are theirs and they are yours! On the days you are questioning yourself, remember this! You’ve got this!
  • If you missed it we have a family update up on the blog!
  • After 13 days together this guys Christmas holidays came to an end and I’m not the only one sad about it... little people keep asking “how many more minutes till daddy gets home?” Thankful for how hard he works but safe to say @tspinksy your people miss you!
  • 2018 you were the year of crazy adventure from moving to a new city, saying yes to another foster baby, a new school, new relationships - A year of change and challenge but we are ending the year full of excitement for 2019 and thankful for all that 2018 taught us!

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