One of my goals for this year was (is) to make time for me – to do something for myself and not feel guilty about it. It doesn’t come naturally for me and is something I am working on trying to make a habit of, trying not to worry about my babies and just do something I enjoy. So a few weeks ago I did just that! I said goodbye to my hubby and babies for a whole day and went with my girlfriend Renee to the spa. Renee and I are both very busy mommy’s of 3 (each) little blessings so you can understand how we don’t get much time for ourselves and a day relaxing and being pampered at the spa sounded like an amazing idea.




I had never been to Ste. Anne’s Spa before but I had heard great things from other’s who had. I will admit upon driving onto the grounds I could already tell how incredible the day was going to be. The spa grounds are beautiful and picturesque even in the middle of winter and I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be in the spring and summer with the gardens in full bloom. We were greeted by the most friendly and helpful staff. After a few quick introductions we were taken on a tour of the spa by the most lovely and informative staff member. After our tour we decided we would be brave and try out a yoga class. Neither one of us had ever done yoga before so we figured we might as well go try it together… that way we could laugh or cry together. I will admit it was a lot of fun but it was hard, I would definitely do it again but I have a lot to learn. I can see how people like it though!




After our class we were very much ready to move on to lunch. All that posing and stretching made us work up an appetite …. well not really, but we are both foodies so any reason to eat is good enough for us. Ste. Ann’es provided us with a delicious 3 course lunch. The culinary team delivered us the most mouth watering delicious food and none of it from start to finish was a disappointment. It was hard to choose from their lovely menu what exactly I wanted to try but when I saw there were fish tacos on the menu it was a done deal! Renee and I were able to eat our lunch at our leisure without little people needing our attention and we had the best time just talking, eating and we did so while wearing our comfy spa robes and sandals. I can’t remember the last time I had such a carefree and delicious lunch that not only was 3 courses but I didn’t have to prepare or clean up!



After lunch we had some time where we could enjoy their beautiful facilities that include a hot tub, plunge pool, lap pool, Eucalyptus steam room, fitness facilities and Renee and my favourite part the full body massage chairs. After letting our lunch settle and having our body’s relaxed in the massage chairs we said goodbye for a bit and went our ways for our spa treatments. I choose to have a mud facial since I have never had a facial and I had no idea what to expect. The sweetest girl brought me into a beautiful tranquil room that was dimly light and right away started to give me a foot soak and scrub. I thought to myself maybe I signed up for the wrong thing. My foot scrub and soak was amazing but it wasn’t a facial and I was enjoying it too much to say anything. After she finished with my feet she than went over some oils with me and than we started my facial. That was probably the quickest hour of my life but also one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. My face felt so clean and fresh after and all the ointments and products she used smelled fabulous. I couldn’t believe the healthy glow my skin had afterwards it was amazing.






Once Renee and I were done our spa treatments we met up in the dinning room again to have tea and desserts before heading home. It was so nice to be able to spend some more time together just chatting and of course eating macaroons, cake pops and fruit while feeling so comfortable and relaxed. It was sad when our day came to an end but I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated! I am so glad that we choose to do it together and I know this won’t be the last spa day Renee and I go on together. Thank you so much Ste. Anne’s for a fabulous and much needed day “off” for these mamas. Everything from the start of the day right through to the end was top notch and I would be happy to return to your lovely spa again.

Renee and I had such a great time at Ste. Anne’s Spa that we wanted to be able to let you experience it for yourself! We are giving one of YOU the chance to WIN A SPA DAY FOR 2 at Canada’s Favorite Spa.  The winner will enjoy a full day of pampering with a friend (or your partner)…package includes:

2 – $120 in spa and wellness allowance
2 – 3 course lunch
2 – Afternoon tea
AND full use of the facilities!
*Open to residents of Ontario*

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  • Change in weather today which I’m ok with gives me an excuse to pull my cozy sweater out although I’m not in any way ready for fall yet but I do think fall is my favorite season to dress for... anyone else?
  • Some days my whole “to do” list (cause yes I function off lists) gets thrown out the window the toys make there way everywhere throughout the house (and I cringe) and I have a million things I should be doing but but in all honesty the thing I need to do is just sit and be present with my babies and since this one is growing by the years it seems daily I’ll soak up my snuggles and moments like this with her cause really the “to do” list will always be there! #graylynnhope #mamasgirl #motherhood
  • My kids love to be outside! Anyone else’s kids like that? After a crazy last 6 days with having 2 extra little people and than end of the school and Canada Day celebrations we all need a little “space” today if you know what I mean so despite the rain we will go for our daily walk/bike ride and enjoy the warmth outside and I’ll tell myself this can count as their baths for tonight 🤣 (I’m totally kidding they love the water so even if I tried they wouldn’t miss bath time)
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