Trip to the Phoenix Zoo

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Hard to believe our vacation was over a month ago. Sadly time has flown bye but the cold weather hasn’t decided to leave us yet, making us long for the dry heat and sunshine even more. One of the highlights of our trip was definitely going to the Phoenix Zoo. I mean it wasn’t really that shocking that my kids loved it because they haven’t been to a zoo that they don’t love, #animallovers but the Phoenix Zoo didn’t disappoint. We decide to hit the zoo up on a cooler day and since it is all outdoors, we weren’t sure how the kiddies would handle walking around all day in the super hot sun. We choose the perfect day and the weather cooperated with us perfectly. I have to give it to the Phoenix Zoo because the roads are nicely paved and easily stroller accessible and we had no issues letting my 3 and 4 year old walk to entire zoo. (with a few little stroller rides to rest of course). For lunch we enjoyed delicious Mexician cuisine at one of the zoo restaurants but of course the highlight was the animals. When I asked my “big” kids what their favourite part of the day was. For my daughter it was riding on the camel and feeding Zuri the giraffe. For my son he really liked watching the elephants and the big lion who was sleeping on his back with his legs in the air which he thought was hilarious. Of course I too enjoyed all of those animals, ok well honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of feeding Zuri her tongue was rather slippery but it was still cool I can agree, but my favourite was the flamingos. Gosh those birds are just so gorgeous and so intriguing to me. We snapped a whole wack of pictures of them and I plan to print some of them off and put them up in my office or my girls rooms. Take a look at some of the beautiful, amazing animals we enjoyed at the zoo!



























We had such an amazing day at the zoo we can’t wait to go back! A special thanks to Phoenix Zoo for sponsoring this post! This was definitely a day that goes in the memory books for all of us!




- Katie

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