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It is a cold Monday morning and I don’t want to crawl out of my nice, warm, cozy bed! They say after Christmas comes the “winter blues” and although I don’t like to give in to the idea that the weather dictates my mood there is some truth to that. Depending where you live you may like me be experiencing the ever grey days. The sun doesn’t shine, the temperatures are so cold you think twice about going outdoors, the beautiful white snow is now a yucky grey, black colour and everything you owe that sees the outdoors is covered in salt stains. Don’t get me wrong I am blessed to be able to experience winter but I am a summer girl at heart. Bring on the heat and the sunshine, the maxi dresses and sandals and my babies are no different. In the summer we live outdoors so these long winter days make us wish for summer. Thankfully we always go on vacation usually in March so we have started talking about it around our house. The babes love to fly and they also love to swim so my daughter especially keeps talking about going on the airplane so she can go swimming outside. I thought I would share some of the top vacation spots to visit. It never hurts to dream besides the pictures of white beaches and palm trees can cheer up your day even if you don’t want to look outside at your reality. If you really want to have some fun crank your heat, throw on your favourite summer outfit, pour yourself a glass cold beer (or wine) and enjoy browsing!



Atlantis Paradise Island Resort – Bahamas  Atlantis is one of my favourite resorts ever. I really don’t need to tell you why if you have ever experienced it I am sure you would agree and if you haven’t well check out the website and view the photos to get an idea. It truly is a family fun resort and if your little ones love the water they will absolutely love all the underwater aquariums.


bahia principe


Bahia Principe – Maya Riveria  I have had the opportunity to go to Mexico on a few different vacations but Maya Riveria has to be one of my favourite parts of Mexico. The Bahia is a gorgeous resort that offers many restaurants, activities and services. It also happens to be an all inclusive so for some of you that may just be a selling feature.

iberostar rose hall resort

Iberostar Rose Hall Resort – Jamaica  I have no personally been to this exact Iberostar but I have been to an Iberostar in Mexico and it was fabulous. Jamaica is just another great location that offers you the hot sun, nice beaches, the ocean and once again an all inclusive vacation.


disney world

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort – Florida  Disney World!! I think that Disney is the ultimate family vacation spot. Atleast for most kids it is a dream of a lifetime and even as an adult Disney is so much fun. I have been a couple times and every time is a new adventure and brings out the kid in ya even as an adult. I can’t wait to take my babies one day soon and see them experience the magic of Disney.


Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort – Arizona  Arizona is probably my family’s favourite vacation destination. Arizona is a clean state that boasts the beautiful mountain range as well as offers you crazy hot sun, beautiful blue skies, golfing, swimming and did I mention crazy good shopping.



Carnival Paradise – Cruise Ship (Alaska, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada-New England, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico,)  Cruising is another way to enjoy a  vacation. You get to see lots of different parts of the world while you stop at different ports as well as enjoy live entertainment, fun games, dinning and all kinds of activities. I really enjoy cruises but I understand being on the water for an extended period of time isn’t for everyone.



Paradise Point – San Diego  I have sadly never been to San Diego but I am dying to go and am already planning with my hubby when we can take a trip there in the not so distant future. Paradise Point Resort looks and sounds like a fabulous place to take the family and enjoy a vacation.


So there are just a few suggestions of places to escape from the winter blues and soak up some family time under the hot sun! Are you planning a winter getaway? Where will you be going? I hope your Monday has been great so far and that your week is off to a good start!


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