Why I choose #playtexbaby Sipster Cups

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Summer vacation has officially started for us and that means lots of trips to the beach, pool parties, trips to the Safari. Pretty much, lots and lots of fun. Now that I have been a mom for a few years (and no I still don’t know it all) I have tried lots of products and been disappointed more times than I can count when I purchase something and it totally doesn’t do what it says it does. I speak for myself but I am sure I am not the only mom when I say finding a cup that doesn’t leak is super challenging – or at least it was! I purchased so many cups that claimed to be leak proof or spill free but they leaked and spilled! And let’s not forget that as babies transiting into being a little toddler they have to learn how to drink from a cup and not a bottle nipple anymore. Thankfully PlaytexBaby™ #forbetterbeginings has once again done the research and has created the perfect transition cup for every child’s stage.

PlaytexBaby™ has made it simple for moms to know which cup to use for their child starting with the Stage One Sipster® cup for kids as young as 4 months. Stage Two Sipster® cups are for 9 month + and come with the option of a spout, straw or spoutless. The Stage Three Sipster® is for 12 + and finally the Stage Four Sipster® is for kids 24+ and these all come with the options of spout, spoutless and stray. The cups are not only functional but they also come in fun patterns and characters.

My girls love the princess ones, while my son naturally is all into the superhero ones. I love that fact that all my cups and lids are interchangeable as well as the fact that they don’t leak. It is such a relief to know I can toss their cups in my bag and not worry about them leaking all over. Also, since my kids are close in age but still spread out it’s nice that they all can share the cups and none feels like a baby when they use their little sisters cup, they all are happy to share. (ok, so my son doesn’t really like to share his super hero ones but that’s a little different)


The really cool part is that I used these cups long before I became a #playtexmom and so it is super exciting to be able to promote these cups now because I legit purchased them and have been loving them since day one. I honestly give these cups as gifts, especially at baby showers because let’s be real, everyone thinks about at a baby shower what baby needs right away i.e. bottles but everyone temporarily forgets that baby’s grow up and rather quickly and next thing you know they are starting solids and you have no cups or plates and bowls so these cups are a gift must have in my opinion since I know they work and not every kid enjoys drinking from a spout or from a straw or without a spout and these cups are made so that they meet everyone little persons taste.

If you want to try these cups out you can order them from Amazon and Walmart to have them shipped right to your doorstep or check out PlaytexBaby™ for more information.


Thank you to #Playtexbaby for sponsoring this post! As always the comment and opinions are my own!

- Katie

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