A new year and new perspective! I love how exciting the new year can feel. A new year for new goals and things you want to accomplish and you know me I love a good to do list! I am not really one for making “new years resolutions” that just sounds too scary instead I much rather make goals and as they say “crush them!” This year when I was making my list of things I want to accomplish or work towards I kept coming back to this idea of making attainable goals – sure I believe you need to dream after all I am always dreaming (ask my husband) but I think so often I set this really big dreams or goals in front of myself and when I don’t accomplish them the first time I kind of see it as a fail and that discourages me and often I just give up (not proud of that but hey something I can work on). So this year I made sure my list was challenging yet attainable. Its safe to have two lists – if your a list person like me- the dreams list and the goals list! One of my goals this year is to make self care a priority. I read this quote the other day that resonated with me “Self Care isn’t always lush bath booms and $20 dollar face masks. Sometimes, it’s going to to bed at 8pm or letting go of a bad friend. It’s forgiving yourself for not meeting your impossible standards & understanding you are worth it. Self  care isn’t always a luxury but a means for survival.” Part of my self care has been letting go of some unhealthy relationships which is hard to do but it is also so freeing and has allowed me to be able to meet and pour into some new and beautiful relationships. Another part of taking care of me is taking care of my physical body and that means finding a doctor who will listen to me and help me figure out some of the issues I have been dealing with for awhile now. This isn’t something I talk about on the blog, not because its too personal cause you all know I will share with ya’ll pretty much anything and everything if you ask, but with the help of a new doctor (whom I just met with the other day and I love and am so excited to see how she can help me) and some tests that need to be done I am hoping to get some answers to some of the things I have suffered with for years now! Another part of my personal health is also taking care of my eyes and since I am spending more and more time on the computer these days I am finding the need to wear my glasses more often! Growing up with parents who needed glasses and eventually siblings who needed them I prided myself on my perfect vision (shouldn’t have done that) and shortly into college I started to find my eyes would be so sore after reading my text books or writing essays on my computer and eventually I was getting headaches from this as well. Thankfully my awesome optometrist was able to provide me with a prescription that has helped with those issues but thanks to aging (like seriously I always thought 30 was old until I turned 30 but my body definitely doesn’t function the same way it did in my 20’s) and like I said spending more and more time on my computer these days my eyes have needed a stronger prescription and I have been wearing my glasses more. I am totally comfortable with wearing my glasses and I like using them as an accessory but with the cost of them often times having multiple pairs isn’t affordable until now! I was recently introduced to discount glasses.com  and I am so grateful. Discountglasses.com offers you stylish yet affordable glasses (and yes contacts too) for the whole family – mens, women’s and kids! They have prices that range from under $10 a pair to some designer picks as well. The offer an overnight glasses option for those who need their glasses and can’t wait a couple weeks and best of all they have a 365 day satisfaction guarantee!! Yes that is a whole year if your not happy with your glasses they are ok with that! Now you are gonna find it hard for someone to beat that! I was able to get two pairs of glasses for under $100 total!! That includes the frame, the prescription lenses, the package you want on your lens (i.e. transitions, anti-reflective, lightweight, uv protective) and delivery with glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth! I chose the Lunettos Lee in the Matte Red they are under $30 and super comfortable and edgy making them fun to wear. The second pair I went with are the Eight to Eighty Eyewear Addison in the Amber Tortoise and these are under $40. I have been wearing these ones the most simply cause they go with everything and are really comfortable and lightweight so I hardly notice they are on my face. If you don’t enjoy wearing glasses they offer Contact Lenses as well you can find those at discountcontactlenses.com. And since I love you guys so much and I am loving my new glasses discountglasses.com is offering all of my readers 10% off at both discountglasses.com and discountcontactlenses.com by simply using the code BLOGDCLDG10 at the check out!!









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  • Change in weather today which I’m ok with gives me an excuse to pull my cozy sweater out although I’m not in any way ready for fall yet but I do think fall is my favorite season to dress for... anyone else?
  • Some days my whole “to do” list (cause yes I function off lists) gets thrown out the window the toys make there way everywhere throughout the house (and I cringe) and I have a million things I should be doing but but in all honesty the thing I need to do is just sit and be present with my babies and since this one is growing by the years it seems daily I’ll soak up my snuggles and moments like this with her cause really the “to do” list will always be there! #graylynnhope #mamasgirl #motherhood
  • My kids love to be outside! Anyone else’s kids like that? After a crazy last 6 days with having 2 extra little people and than end of the school and Canada Day celebrations we all need a little “space” today if you know what I mean so despite the rain we will go for our daily walk/bike ride and enjoy the warmth outside and I’ll tell myself this can count as their baths for tonight 🤣 (I’m totally kidding they love the water so even if I tried they wouldn’t miss bath time)
  • She loves all things girly would wear a dress daily if she could, lover of all lipsticks especially pink and purple, loves Disney princesses especially Belle and Rapunzel  and she loves diggers!  Couldn’t seem more opposite but she loves having these diggers in our backyard to watch them work she is hoping if she keeps waving and batting her long eyelashes at the drivers she’ll get a ride on one! #lyricbethanyspinks
  • After 10 days of celebrating your birthday festivities are officially over although we celebrate you every day! To hear you say  after your party with your friends and family that it was the best day ever melted my heart! June 13, 2012 will forever be the day that my life changed and my dream came true. You my girl are my miracle and I knew the day you were born that you were special but I of course was bias but this year I have had that validated by others. Graylynn there is no one like you - you are amazing, you are smart, kind, loving, you are a good friend an amazing big sister you are talented and athletic and most of all you are loved so much not just by daddy and me but even more by Jesus and I pray you always know that. To see my itty bitty baby the day she was born swipe and to see just how great of a big sister she is listen to her serenade her sister the day she was born (this video gets me every time) #graylynnhope
  • If you look real close under my arm you’ll see my “ankle weight” - sweet boy loves to be with me all the time and though the love between the two of us is mutual sometimes I feel like I’m being touched by someone all day every day- any mamas out there feel me?

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