Organic Tan

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Who doesn't love to be pampered? As a busy mommy usually taking care of myself is the last thing on my "to do" list, but I am slowly learning that a little self help and pampering does not only my soul (and body) good but it is good for my self esteem and for my mind! ...

Gift Guide: For Her

The snow is beautifully falling and the lights on my Christmas tree are lighting up the room so perfectly as I work away here. I absolutely love this time of year. The season creates an environment that is so snuggly and cozy. So as I work away snuggled under my fuzzy, warm blanket hopefully I ...

Fresh Look

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Being a girl is a lot of fun! And the fact that I tend to be a girlie girl means I like to wear makeup! In fact I feel better with it on then without (I know thats probably a bad thing but I'm being honest here). I am always looking for new and fresh ...

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