I recently read a very cute and funny post on Facebook that a man wrote to “help out other men” in the area of buying for your wife or lady a Christmas gift. If you haven’t read it you can find it here . I think the writer was onto something though. As wife’s and mommy’s we always put ourselves last. I have already talked a bit on the blog about this and how I struggle with “self care” and I have been working on it. I also love to buy gifts… giving gifts for me is a love language but for my husband it is not so I have to help him when it comes to Christmas and Birthday’s. I will be honest though after being together over 10 years now he is getting much much better but as a typical guy he needs so very clear big hints as to what I would love to see under the tree. I already feel incredibly blessed to have 3 healthy beautiful babies and a handsome healthy hubby and a beautiful new home so really my heart is already full I don’t need anything but since its tradition and since some people want to share love with me by giving me gifts I have compiled a list of things I would love to receive and maybe this will help you or your men as well.




Brush Set  Travel Mug Tote Watch Earrings Blanket PJ’s Jacket  Scarf Pen  Jeans Socks Shoes Skirt  Candle 


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