Being a girl is a lot of fun! And the fact that I tend to be a girlie girl means I like to wear makeup! In fact I feel better with it on then without (I know thats probably a bad thing but I’m being honest here). I am always looking for new and fresh things to wear but I also am very careful about what I put on my face. After all I only have one face and I want to take care of it! Wearing makeup is an art form in itself, one that I am not that advance in. I always say I should watch tutorials on how to do fun eye makeup and such but I never take the time.

Recently I was at Sephora making a purchase when I started talking with one of the employees and she shared with me how her normal morning routine includes spending over an hour  just on her makeup. Wow wee! And that is why her makeup looked so fabulous but unfortunately this mama doesn’t have that kind of time in the morning with one little girl always wanting to get her hand in my makeup and a baby now on the move I need to be quick and precise.

Here is what you’ll find in my makeup bag right now!




Primer  What I love about this primer is how smooth it goes on but it has a bit of grit in it so that way your foundation stays in place once its applied. I have used other primers before but this is my favourite right now. It has a bit of a colour to it that makes your face “radiant”.

Foundation  This foundation has great coverage and stays in place all day long. I like the fact that I can get great coverage without having to use a lot of product.

Powder  I have used a lot of different powders in the past but right now I am using and really enjoying this one. It also has great coverage but does not leave your face looking “caked”. You also can  wet use the sponge (that comes with it) and use it as a foundation instead of a powered if needed.

Bronzer and Blush  This trio is amazing. Its a one stop wonder with all three products in one compact box. I love how you also get the highlighter included in this pack.



I have very little eye lashes and what I do have is very fair in colour so making it hard to see. I am liking this mascara because it has a brush for upper and a separate brush for lower lashes. I feel like it makes my lashes more defined without having to do a million coats.



Gloss  This gloss is so amazing and worth every penny spent on it. It has a high gloss without leaving your lips sticky. It can be wore on its own or on top of the lipstick. I wear it everyday and it lasts a long time which in my opinion makes it worth the money right there.

Color  I am not a big fan of colour on myself (shocking) so when it comes to lipstick that is no different. My husband also is not a big fan of the coloured lipsticks so this Dior lipstick in nude is perfect for both of our tastes.  It is super smooth and you don’t need to put a lot on to get colour.


Brushes I really like my Clinque make up brushes. They are made with real hair so I have to take care of them (like you should with any brush) but I like how the apply my make up and they have lasted me a long time (years). I also really enjoy the translucent handles on the brushes.


So there are some of my items in my make up bag these days. What is in your bag? Whats your make up “must have” right now? I’m always looking to try new stuff so do you recommend anything?

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