Who doesn’t love to be pampered? As a busy mommy usually taking care of myself is the last thing on my “to do” list, but I am slowly learning that a little self help and pampering does not only my soul (and body) good but it is good for my self esteem and for my mind! I first “met” Meghan from Organic Tan Guelph when I saw a picture of a tan she had done on someone and I  immediately was wishing it was me! I am pasty white at all times of the year and if I am lucky I may get a little golden colour in the summer but since I am so fair I usually have to have the highest spf on so I don’t burn! The idea of having sun kissed golden brown skin with practically no work sounded perfect to me. The more I talked to Meghan I quickly learned this girl has many talents and the tanning was only one part of it! She shared how she can do lash extensions as well as teeth whiting – two things I have never experience but I knew I would love to! We set up an evening appointment so that my husband could be at home with the babies and mommy was off for an evening of pampering and I will admit I was a bit nervous since I had no idea what to expect. The moment I met Meghan she made me feel super relaxed and comfortable; she was a real sweetheart! She quickly started on my eye lashes and I was thinking in my head I hope they look good but not really fake! Well I am totally kicking myself that I didn’t do a picture with one eye done and one not so you could see how amazing these lashes are but trust me when I say it was crazy how amazing they are! After she showed me the first eye done I already was in love. I naturally have virtually no eye lashes even with lots and lots of mascara on you can barley notice them! My sweet babies all have thick lushes eye lashes and mama has nothing! I just don’t have time in the morning to put fake lashes on and know I don’t have to. These lashes are the answer to all my prayers! Since having them done last week I haven’t even worn mascara because I don’t need it!! Of course the are completely safe to wear with makeup but I am loving my quick 5 min makeup routine now that my eyes are beautiful on their own! Next she did my spray tan and I was so excited because having had a spray tan before I knew I would no longer be pasty white! Organic Tan is a completely organic, gluten free, vegan spray tan that is safe for even pregnant women! Meghan is able to do multiple colours making your skin look totally naturally tanned! I wish you could have seen my husbands face when I got home that night! He couldn’t stop commenting how much he loved my lashes and tan and was quick to tell me I needed to keep it up! I can’t put into words what this night did for myself esteem! I felt beautiful and that is priceless!! Meghan sent me home with an easy at home teeth whiting kit and I was excited to make my teeth pearly white! The kit was very simple and easy to use! I put the trays in my mouth while I was getting ready and left them for the full 20 min and I could see a difference already!I wasn’t completely satisfied with the “whiteness” after one session so I did it the following day again and once again could see more of a difference! The awesome thing about the “at home whiting kit” is you can use it as much as needed. For maximum results use it consecutively for 5-7 days in the beginning to get them the whitest and than just maintain it! I am so happy with all three of these products I have already contacted Meghan to book with her again and I am eagerly awaiting my next appointment!














If you want to enjoy all or any of these services please contact Meghan at 519-400-4405.


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