Monday …. really? Already? Monday – you are like the unwanted, not fun, unwelcome summer colds that have hit are house hold and yet I am thankful for today even if it’s Monday! Even if means the weekend is already over because today is a gift to be treasured and an opportunity to experience things, to love on people, to try something new, to travel to places. See Monday isn’t so bad it just depends on your mind set! I know I have probably said this before but so much of the things that we experience or have happen to us in a day can be used for good or negative all depending on your outlook. The same is with fitness at least for me it is. I find when it comes to working out in my day it is mind over matter. The minute I lace up my shoes and actually start running or doing a work out I feel better and I am determined to finish it but the minutes leading up to the lacing up of my shoes let me tell you are the worst. I can think of a million other things I need to do, I than start telling myself I am so out of shape its going to be so hard or that I won’t be any good any ways so why bother. There is always tomorrow right? Taking control of those thoughts and being determined to do at least something is so much better and way more positive and I know I will be thankful afterwards. Since I love shopping and I love clothes I find that if I feel good and enjoy my workout clothes that helps as well. I enjoy finding a good shirt that has some sort of motivating quote on it to keep my mind in the right place and encourage myself. Today I rounded up some of my favourite motivating work out shirts!




1 2 4 6 7 

Maybe you are like me and this Monday you need a little motivation to get active or maybe you are blessed like some of the girls in my life who are super dedicated in the area of personal fitness. Doesn’t matter which one you are because we all have the same opportunity to day to do something – to get active! Sure maybe for some the drive and motivation doesn’t come as easily and maybe the sacrifice is bigger for you than it is someone else but the one thing I do know is every time I make that decision to get active I feel so much better and I am so glad I did! How are you going to get active today? What motivates you? I want to hear how you get or stay motivated because maybe you can help me!


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