Valentines Day 2017

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Oh February I love you! I guess that is appropriate to say since it is like "love" month. But Valentines Day isn't the only reason I love February. Lets see...well February means we officially survived the post Christmas blues, the first month (which happens to be a long month) of the new year! February also ...

Self Grace

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I am not one to really make new years resolutions. I feel too much pressure to keep them and than disappointment and failure when I don't succeed and frankly I don't need those feelings of inadquency and failure in my life simply as a resolute of a silly resolution I make. Life is already hard ...

Arh Matey

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My little man wanted a pirate themed party this year and we had some fun planning it. Since his birthday is in November it makes planning his party tricky since the weather isn't nice enough to be outside anymore but there isn't snow (yet thankfully) so you can't really have a winter themed party! I ...

Halloween 2016

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Happy Halloween!!! Halloween is so much fun with little kids and this year all 3 of my little people are excited about getting dressed up in their costumes (that they have been wearing daily) and going "tricker treating" as they say! This past Friday we had a little fun with their cousins! We did a little ...

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