Me to We

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Water - H2O! So refreshing, so good especially when its ice cold! We use it for so many things like taking a shower or bath, washing our laundry, washing dishes, making food but probably the most common way is to drink it! We all know (or at least I am assuming we all do) how ...

Trip to the Phoenix Zoo

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Hard to believe our vacation was over a month ago. Sadly time has flown bye but the cold weather hasn't decided to leave us yet, making us long for the dry heat and sunshine even more. One of the highlights of our trip was definitely going to the Phoenix Zoo. I mean it wasn't really ...

Project #TUTL

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This was just going to be an Instagram post but than as I started to try and pour out my heart it got lengthy so I decided to make it into a blog post! I shared yesterday on my Instagram and Facebook accounts about my lack of self confidence and struggle with insecurities and I ...

Fed is Best #forbetterbeginnings

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Thank you to #playtexbaby for sponsoring this post. As always the opinions are my own. Food! For some it is a love language, others it’s a passion or a hobby but we all can agree that no one or no thing can live or be sustained without food. If you are a mom, even if you’re not ...

Valentines Day 2017

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Oh February I love you! I guess that is appropriate to say since it is like "love" month. But Valentines Day isn't the only reason I love February. Lets see...well February means we officially survived the post Christmas blues, the first month (which happens to be a long month) of the new year! February also ...

Self Grace

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I am not one to really make new years resolutions. I feel too much pressure to keep them and than disappointment and failure when I don't succeed and frankly I don't need those feelings of inadquency and failure in my life simply as a resolute of a silly resolution I make. Life is already hard ...

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